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March 12, 2004
Girl Scouts of America CEO Kathy Cloninger, appearing on NBC's "Today" (3/5/04) said: "We have relationships with our church communities, with YWCA's, and with Planned Parenthood organizations across the country, to bring information-based sex education programs to girls."

Genevieve Wood, Vice President for Communications for Family Research Council (FRC), responded to the news in a March 8th release, saying: "Parents have every right to be troubled by an alliance of the Girl Scouts and an organization like Planned Parenthood, the nations most prolific provider of abortions."

By using Planned Parenthood sex education materials, the Girl Scouts are giving 10-year-old children graphic information that promotes conduct that is unhealthy, immoral, and sinful. If you doubt that, just visit the Planned Parenthood web site and you will very quickly learn what they have been up to for a couple of generations.

According to the FRC release, the controversy exploded around the Waco, Texas Girl Scouts organization, where all but two girls have been pulled from the Girl Scouts program there and a Brownie troop has been completely dismantled. The Waco group now says they have severed ties with Planned Parenthood.

Nevertheless, parents should not be complacent if they discover that their local troop is not connected with Planned Parenthood. This is a national policy. Girl Scout troops often go on group outings with troops from other areas. If you as a parent are not present at these events, you won't know what is going on, will you?

The March-April 2004 Newsletter of Virginia Right to Life, Inc, quoting The Wall Street Journal (1/16/04), reports a Bush administration advisory panel will not include in its report a recommendation to increase monitoring fertility clinics despite the number of scandals erupting from this industry. Consequently, the health of embryos and babies following in-vitro fertilization will not be tracked because critics claim that such tracking is intrusive and violates patients' privacy. The in-vitro fertilization industry receives enormous government funding, and there is no way to evaluate its performance without oversight that includes the extent that human fetuses are destroyed and the number abandoned in cold storage. This scandal is enormous and needs to be corrected.

Furthermore, we need more study and evaluation on documented reports that in-vitro babies experience greater health problems and birth defects. "The panel was created by President Bush in 2001 and is advisory in nature and does not make policy but it is influential. It was created because of the scandalous nature of the in-vitro industry. The rapid rise and spread of new technology to create embryos and screen them for genetic defects has also raised the specter of so-called designer babies. This industry needs closer screening and regulation. Now is not the time to abandon this goal."

Throughout her career Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been an advocate for liberal, feminist, pro-abortion social policy. Despite her record, her confirmation to the Supreme Court by the U.S. Senate was nearly unanimous. However, recently her actions have stirred criticism among legal experts. According to the Los Angeles Times (3/11/04), Justice Ginsburg has lent her name and presence to a lecture series cosponsored by the liberal NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, an advocacy group that often argues before the high court in support of women's rights that the justice embraces. Several legal experts say Ginsburg's ongoing affiliation with the legal activist group undercuts her appearance of impartiality.

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