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Nov. 8, 2004
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From coast to coast pro-life Americans are furious that liberal, pro-abortion Senator Arlen Specter may take the reins of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Specterís remarks last Wednesday were no surprise to most of us, who have watched over the year as he championed anti-life legislation, and "Borked" judicial nominees who respect innocent human life from his seat on the Judiciary Committee. In fact, it was Arlen Specter who played a key role in defeating President Reaganís famous nominee to the Supreme Court, Robert Bork. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), also fell victim to Senator Specter who undermined his nomination to a federal bench prior to his election to the U.S. Senate.

According to news reports and a communication from National Right to Life Committee, a likely scenario is that a Committee colleague may seek the Committee chairmanship. If that person is selected by a majority of Committee members, the decision would be made by the entire Republican conference, which consists of all the Republicans serving in the Senate. The conference convenes in January and is currently chaired by Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. The vote would be by secret ballot.

Let every Republican Senator know that, if the selection of Judiciary Committee chairman goes to a secret-ballot vote of the conference so that we will not know who voted for Specter, and, if under those circumstances Senator Specter gains the chairmanship, we will hold them all responsible. An opening on the Supreme Court may be imminent, given Justice Rehnquistís recently diagnosed illness. The name of the game is hardball!


Making Senator Arlen Specter chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is no different than handing it over to Senators John Kerry or Ted Kennedy. They are equally committed to protecting Roe v. Wade and advancing a liberal, anti-life, anti-family policy agenda through the courts.

Their offices are being deluged with calls — but donít give up. Please keep trying. If you canít get through on their office phone or fax line, try the CAPITOL SWITCHBOARD202/224-3121 or their district offices.

Majority Leader Bill FristPhone - 202/224-3344 Fax - 202/228-1264
Senator Orrin HatchPhone - 202/224-5251Fax - 202/224-6331
Senator Saxby ChamblissPhone - 202/224-3521Fax - 202/224-0103
Senator Larry CraigPhone - 202/224-2752Fax - 202/228-1067
Senator John CornynPhone - 202/224-2934Fax - 202/228-2856
Senator Lindsey GrahamPhone - 202/224-5972Fax - 202/224-3808
Senator Charles GrassleyPhone - 202/224-3744Fax - 202/224-6020
Senator Jon KylPhone - 202/224-4521Fax - 202/224/2207
Senator Jeff SessionsPhone - 202/224-4124Fax - 202/224-3149
Senator Mike DeWinePhone - 202/224/2315Fax - 202/224-6519

Please contact Senator Rick Santorum — Phone - 202/224/6324 or Fax — 202/228-0604 to let him know that any accommodation with Senator Specter is unacceptable. THANK YOU!!

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