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Nov. 12, 2004
The Chicago Sun Times (11/11/04) says Senator Arlen Specter wants a private meeting with Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee next week in order to "hash things out," according to Texas Senator John Cornyn, a former Texas Supreme Court judge, who appears to be emerging as a key player in the fight over whether Specter will be awarded the chairmanship of the powerful Judiciary Committee. It is unclear what Senator Cornyn’s role actually is. He says he wants to find out what Specter intends to do regarding Bush nominees to the federal courts. That sounds a bit like he might vote for him, provided Specter says the right things. Let Senator Cornyn, the other GOP members of the Judiciary Committee, and every Republican Senator (all are members of the Senate Republican Caucus and all will likely have a say in this matter) that Senator Arlen Specter is totally unacceptable for the position of chairman for the following reasons:

  • Senator Specter is an ardent supporter of Roe v. Wade and considers the 1973 decision "inviolate."

  • Senator Specter opposes tort reform. He has received more money from trial lawyers than any Republican, and is third behind John Kerry and Joe Lieberman. He received $1.8 million from trial lawyers in his 2004 campaign. Specter’s son, Shanin Specter, who gave $2,000 to John Edwards,’ is partner in one of Pennsylvania’s most successful firms that excels in suing doctors. (Washington Times, "Specter's Voting Record" — 11/11/04)

  • Senator Specter supports the United Nations CEDAW Treaty (United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women), which would guarantee an international right to abortion. The U.S. Senate has refused to ratify CEDAW.

    Senator Specter "is an avid supporter of the International Criminal Court (ICC) which would subject our military personnel to prosecution for war crimes before hostile international judges, and deny them the protections of our Constitution." In 2002, the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly passed and President Bush signed, the American Servicemembers Protection Act that exempted our military from the threat of the ICC. However, Senator Specter was among the few in the Senate and the only Republican, who voted against this amendment." (Concerned Women for America Press Release, 11/11/04) President Bush opposes the ICC, as do most Americans.


    Majority Leader Bill FristPhone - 202/224-3344 Fax - 202/228-1264
    Senator Orrin HatchPhone - 202/224-5251Fax - 202/224-6331
    Senator Saxby ChamblissPhone - 202/224-3521Fax - 202/224-0103
    Senator Larry CraigPhone - 202/224-2752Fax - 202/228-1067
    Senator John CornynPhone - 202/224-2934Fax - 202/228-2856
    Senator Lindsey GrahamPhone - 202/224-5972Fax - 202/224-3808
    Senator Charles GrassleyPhone - 202/224-3744Fax - 202/224-6020
    Senator Jon KylPhone - 202/224-4521Fax - 202/224/2207
    Senator Jeff SessionsPhone - 202/224-4124Fax - 202/224-3149
    Senator Mike DeWinePhone - 202/224/2315Fax - 202/224-6519

    Please contact Senator Rick Santorum, chairman of the Republican Conference: Phone - 202/224/6324 or Fax - 202/228-0604 to let him know that any accommodation with Senator Specter is unacceptable.


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