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Oct. 15, 2004
A group of scientists at Harvard University has asked the school’s ethics committees for permission to clone human embryos in order to create stem cells for disease research. If they get the go-ahead, they’ll be the first researchers at a U.S. University to do so. (USA TODAY, 10/14/04)

In case you thought otherwise, the cloning of human beings is legal in America. Federal (taxpayer) funds for cloning experiments are prohibited, but there is no prohibition on private funding.

A living human embryo is a human being at the earliest stage of development. If researchers successfully generate a human embryo through cloning, the only way to extract his or her stem cells is to kill the living embryo. Whether the human embryo is respected and protected in law in this country will determine the outcome of the pro-life cause. The cloning of humans should be banned in the United States. But, our leaders in Washington, including many in the pro-life movement, have failed to step up to the plate and demand that a ban be instituted.

Now that Harvard has crossed the line and asked for permission to try to clone human beings, the question arises – how much federal money does Harvard get each year? Federal dollars likely flow freely into Harvard’s coffers, given the fact that both Massachusetts Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy are powerful enough to open the spigots wide.

RNC/Life calls on pro-life Members of Congress to address this problem immediately, with a report on the annual amount Harvard receives from the federal government, for any purpose. Congress should then move to deny all funding to Harvard unless they abandon plans to institute human cloning efforts at their institution.

We invite other pro-life leaders to join with us in demanding that:

  1. President George W. Bush, by executive order, institute a total ban on human cloning experiments in America – but until that happens

  2. Congress determine the amount of federal funding Harvard receives annually;

  3. Congress pass legislation denying federal funding to Harvard unless the plan to clone human embryos is abandoned.

Family Research Council has published a booklet entitled “Stem Cell Research, Cloning & Human Embryos” by Rev. Dr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk. It is written in layman’s language and is a fine resource for anyone who is confused by the misinformation that is so prevalent in the media regarding embryonic stem cell research and cloning. (http://www.frc.org)

Many of you will remember the excellent training seminars presented by Mark Crutcher during the 80’s. Mark went on to form Life Dynamics, continuing to educate the public through his “Life Talk” television and radio show, and numerous pro-life projects, including exposing the abortion industry’s marketing of the organs and tissues of unborn babies. His new Pro-Life America Seminars will teach you how to defeat the abortion industry’s marketing tactics, the right answers to their deceptive questions, the tough questions abortion advocates can’t answer, how the American abortion industry operates, and how to fight the abortion industry in your back yard. As Mark says so truly, “Before you can educate the American people, you have to educate yourself.” For information contact ProLifeAmerica.com.

In describing what happens to living human embryos when their stem cells are taken from them, people refer to their “destruction.” You “destroy” buildings or other inanimate objects. You have to “kill” living human beings. Words are important. Please stop using the word “destroy” in that context and instead call it what it is, killing.

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