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Apr. 29, 2005
"Ethical Guidelines" Proposed for UNETHICAL RESEARCH! 
While Congress is preoccupied with judicial nominations, social security reform, immigration reform, legislation to regulate the practice of abortion and various simmering scandals, the pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia lobby is busily helping the largely secular scientific community in promoting the killing of embryonic human beings for research. And the pro-life movement in general appears to be missing it.

Yesterday, the National Academy of Sciences proposed national [“ethical”] guidelines for human embryonic stem cell research and recommended that research institutions establish oversight committees to enforce them. (AP, 4/27/05) The academy’s guidelines suggest that parents must give their consent prior to giving their embryonic babies over for experimentation, they should not be paid for doing this, and they should be informed that research resulting from the death of their child may have commercial potential, but they will not share in any financial benefit.

Is this beginning to get to you?

The academy also took on the matter of creating chimeras (creatures made up of combined human and animal cells). They pave the way for research involving chimeric animals that have been seeded with human cells, but for now, they caution against inserting human embryonic stem cells into apes and monkeys. According to the International Herald Tribune report online (4/28/05), the academy’s guidelines would limit two kinds of experiment that incorporate human embryonic stem cells into animals. Undesired consequences might follow if human cells were incorporated into either the sex cells or the brains of the experimental animals. In the first case, there is a remote possibility that an animal with eggs made of human cells might mate with an animal bearing human sperm. To avoid any human conception in such circumstances, the academy advises that no chimeric animals be allowed to mate.

Has the world gone mad?

The National Academy of Sciences was established in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln. Since then, it has functioned in an independent advisory capacity to Congress and the White House on science, engineering and medicine. Its members elect themselves and each other. Its power is enormous and is exercised through a complex network of like-minded individuals operating in both congressional and legislative committees, federal, state and local agencies, college and university Ph.D candidates and medical and scientific entities, both public and private.

Our experience tells us that, even though the guidelines were just issued, the infrastructure for putting them into practice is already functioning. Supporting talking points are already in the hands of congressional and state legislative staffers. Editorial writers had already been provided with the information they needed to write in support of the academy’s efforts on the very day the report was released. For example, The Dallas Morning News (4/27/05) editorialized that Texas should permit "closely regulated" research on human embryos and said " 'Most Western industrialized countries share a view that embryos in petri dishes are neither persons or mere property,' according to a report by the Hastings Center, one of the nation’s oldest think tanks on bioethics issues."

It appears that the reason for the big push for embryonic stem cell research stems from the knowledge by the pro-abortion/pro-euthanasia crowd (although seemingly undiscovered by the most in the pro-life leadership) is the fact that if the human embryo is worthy of protection under the law and is granted that protection, there is no way other innocent human beings including unborn babies and the Terri Schiavos of the world can continue to be legally killed. The fate of the human embryo, alone and outside the womb, whose right to life is not affected by Roe v. Wade, is the essence of the pro-life cause. We simply must enact a total ban on research that involves the killing of human embryos.

There is no way to have "ethical guidelines" for UNETHICAL RESEARCH!

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