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Dec. 9, 2005
Abortion - From Sea to Shining Sea 
New York - The Abortion Capital of America - In 1970, New York passed the most permissive abortion law in America. Thirty-five years later, New York has the highest abortion rate in America. In 2000, the last year for which good data are available, 39 out of every 1,000 women in the state ended a pregnancy, for a total of 164,000 abortions that year. In America one of every ten abortions occurs in New York and in New York, seven of every ten abortions are performed in New York City. In absolute terms, there are more abortions performed on minors, more repeat abortions, and more late abortions (over 21 weeks) in New York City than anywhere else in the country. In parts of the city, the ratio of abortions to births is one to one.

The abortion capital of New York is at the corner of Bleecker and Mott Streets. That's the home of Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Center, the largest abortion provider in New York. Doctors at this one clinic perform some 11,000 abortion per year. "I'm sure we provide a good chunk of the abortions in the U.S.," says Dr. Maureen Paul, the chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood New York. In fact, the Margaret Sanger Center provides about one in every ten abortions in New York and about one in every thousand abortions in the United States.

One-third of the Margaret Sanger Center's patients rely on Medicaid for their health care. In 2003, Medicaid paid for 43 percent of abortions in New York City. ("The Abortion Capital of America," by Ryan Lizza, New York Magazine, December 12, 2005)

Of course, New York City has a Democrat-turned-"Republican" Mayor by the name of Bloomberg who is so strongly pro-abortion that one of his first acts was to insist that all the medical schools in New York City be required to provide instruction in abortion techniques.

And on the other coast . . . 

The Abortion-Homosexual Connection 
California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's appointment of longtime Democrat, lesbian activist and pro-abortion leader Susan Kennedy as his chief-of-staff is more evidence of the Terminator's disdain for social conservatives.

Kennedy, a former top aide to Democrat Governor Gray Davis, was described this way in the San Francisco Chronicle: "Appointed by Davis to the California Public Utilities Commission in 2003, Kennedy had made her name as a political operative as head of the California branch of the National Abortion Rights Action League. A longtime gay rights activist, Kennedy married her partner, Vicki Marti, in a 1999 ceremony in Hawaii attended by many California political insiders."

California political analysts say that the chief of staff position is no small office. Capitol Weekly News writer John Howard put it this way: "The chief-of-staff position is considered the most powerful administrative position in state government, with broad authority over policy-making and the sprawling bureaucracy. Kennedy's rise to the top of California's power structure is just the tip of the iceberg. Openly lesbian California Democratic legislators Sheila Kuehl and Carole Migden, along with openly homosexual Mark Leno, have led the fight against any restrictions on abortion while initiating a slew of pro-homosexual measures, including full-blown "gay marriage," promoting homosexuality in the schools, and a law prohibiting the state from doing business with firms that do not subsidize homosexual relationships. Leno and Kuehl are listed as co-authors of AB 654, a euthanasia bill so radical that it didn't even get a floor vote in the liberal-dominated Assembly.

Homosexual activist groups are players in liberal coalitions that work against pro-life judicial nominees, for socialized medicine, and for legislation restricting the rights of pro-life demonstrators, such as the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, which treats pro-life protesters as criminals. ("The Abortion-Homosexual Connection," by Robert Knight, WorldNetDaily.com, 12/2/05)

Shame on the conservative Republicans who voted for Bloomberg and Schwarzenegger because they were perceived as "the lesser of two evils." Surely New York and California voters can do better.

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