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Feb. 23, 2005
“Condoleezza Rice -- one of President Bush’s most trusted advisers 
is setting GOP hearts aflutter. Already, many are starting to dream of a Condi Rice-Hillary Clinton presidential contest. “That’s how we get our jollies in this town,” said Stephen Hess of the Brookings Institution.” (The Dallas Morning News, 2/17/05)

Condoleezza Rice: “a pro-choice evangelical” – Recently, certain conservative and pro-life commentators and activists have taken to promoting the idea that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice should be tapped to run for President in 2008, since it appears that Hillary Clinton’s drive for the Democrat Party’s nomination is a foregone conclusion. Absent the emergence of a strong male figure to head the Republican ticket, some party leaders are anxious to promote Ms. Rice as the potential nominee, even though she has apparently given no indication that she is interested in running for any political office, let alone the presidency.

Whatever her political intentions may be now or in the future, pro-life Americans need to know that Condoleezza Rice is not pro-life.

A FOX News story by Jennifer D’Angelo (6/18/03) reported that, in 1999, Condoleezza Rice described herself to the San Francisco Chronicle (7/1/99) as a “pro-choice evangelical.

Later that year, in an interview with National Review (8/30/99), she told the magazine she was “mildly pro-choice.”

Just as it is impossible to be a little bit pregnant, it is impossible to be a little bit pro-choice. You either justify the killing of babies who are not yet born, or you don’t. You either stand for respect and protection of innocent human life from conception, or you don’t.

Those who are entertaining this idea, some of our good friends among them, should keep in mind that the Republican Party simply cannot afford to create a split in the ranks that surely would occur if a pro-abortion-choice candidate were to lead the ticket in 2008!

In addition, the surest way for Republicans to drive pro-life Democrats and Independents into Hillary Clinton’s camp, where they might feel more comfortable when it comes to economic, foreign policy, or other issues, would be to field a 2008 standard-bearer who is out of sync with the “values voters.”

We hope that friends and supporters of RNC/Life will contact their state Republican Party chairman, National Committeeman and National Committeewoman to express your view that a presidential nominee who is not pro-life and does not agree with the Party Platform Plank on the right to life would be a disaster for the Party. RNC chairman Ken Mehlman can be reached via e-mail at [email protected], or by phone - 202/863-8700 or fax – 202/863-8774. Please feel free to send this edition of FaxNotes to them as well as to your personal pro-life networks.

Please spread the word. Thank you!

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