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Mar. 4, 2005
Massachusetts Governor Defends Some Human Embryos — Not Others 
Governor Mitt Romney has gained some notoriety of late because he said in a recent speech in Spartanburg, SC, where he was apparently testing presidential waters, that he opposes the creation of human embryos specifically for scientific experimentation. His statement has raised the hackles of the Massachusetts scientific community and members of the Massachusetts Legislature who are preparing to introduce legislation allowing the cloning of human embryos. The embryos, who, after being killed for their stem cells, would be provided to scientists at institutions like the Harvard Stem Cell Institute where Dr. Douglas A. Melton plans to begin experiments on them.

When examining the statements of politicians, especially politicians like Governor Romney who has maintained a pro-choice position on abortion throughout his career, and who is now interested in running for the presidency of the United States, it is extremely important to discern what it is they have actually said. Obviously, we all know we cannot rely on media reports to point out which statements are true, which are ambiguous in their meaning, and which represent efforts to finesse the issue at hand. People who rely on media reports end up allowing the politician to give with one hand what he takes away with the other — to create the impression that he is pro-life while sending the pro-abortion-choice crowd the message that he is really no threat to their agenda after all. Within Republican Party ranks, such a cleverly orchestrated approach will often cause pro-lifers, who haven’t studied the candidate in-depth, to deliver the grassroots elbow grease needed to win an election while the pro-abortion RINOs deliver the campaign contributions.

Governor Romney has said he opposes the creation of cloned human embryos for the purpose of experimentation. He has not said he opposes cloning per se.

According to New York Times columnist Pam Belluck, Governor Romney has said he would allow research on embryos obtained from fertility clinics as long as the couples who created the embryos gave written permission, were not paid and were offered the options of rejecting research in favor of storing the embryos or giving them up for adoption. (2/10/05)

A human embryo is a human being at the earliest stage of development. Whether engendered in an IVF petri dish or through a cloning process, killing them for their stem cells or for any other reason is unethical, immoral, and should be illegal. How does it make it acceptable if their parents deliver their embryonic children over to be killed? Except for their size, it’s no different from parents handing over a living and healthy two-year old to be butchered for research. It’s unconscionable!

Press reports reveal that Governor Romney has stated time and again that he supports the preservation of Massachusetts laws that “would provide for choice” on abortion. In January 2005 he began to describe himself as “personally pro-life,” although neither the Boston Herald nor Romney aides could find an example prior to that time when he used that phrase. (Boston Herald, 2/23/05)

Potential presidential candidates for 2008 are emerging now. At this point, most of them are attempting to finesse the life issues. Please don’t fall for that. Check out their previous statements and records. We owe it to our children and grandchildren and to the future of America.

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