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Mar. 15, 2005
May your troubles be less 
And your blessings be more 
And nothing but happiness 
Come through your door. 
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

NEW JERSEY - RNC/Life PAC Endorses in Governor’s Race 
Steve Lonegan, has earned the endorsement of the Republican National Coalition for Life Political Action Committee (RNC/Life PAC) in his race for Governor of New Jersey. Mr. Lonegan, the Mayor of Bogota, is a committed pro-life and pro-family conservative who is not only philosophically dedicated to re-building a culture of life in New Jersey, but is actively and enthusiastically educating the electorate about the multitude of issues involved as he campaigns throughout the state.

New Jersey has a deplorable record of aggressive support for abortion. New Jersey has legalized cloning and embryonic stem cell research. Steve Lonegan’s agenda would reverse those trends and put respect and protection of innocent human life in the forefront of New Jersey political action.

The RNC/Life PAC letter endorsing Mr. Lonegan said in part, “We appreciate your heartfelt, truly pro-life stand. We look forward to working with you in the future to protect the inherent natural right to life of every innocent American, born and unborn.” The election will be held on June 7, 2005.

OHIO – Ken Blackwell a Breath of Fresh Air in Race for Governor 
The Chicago Tribune (2/11/05) describes Ohio’s Secretary of State Ken Blackwell as “a Bible-quoting child of Cincinnati’s West End poverty pit,” “one of new generation of black leaders who have risen to national prominence by virtue of powerful government offices,” and “the anti-Obama, a loud and persistent advocate for tax cuts, smaller government and a greater role for religion in daily life.”

Mr. Blackwell does things his own way. “I’ve never traded principle for blind obedience and I actually think that’s what people like about me. I’m not a party hack . . . I’m not in the hip pocket of anyone.” He calls himself “Jesse Jackson’s worst nightmare,” and we think he’s right about that.

Ken Blackwell is pro-life through and through. He is tough, principled and unafraid to say what he thinks and let the chips fall where they may. That’s why we consider him a breath of fresh air in the Republican Party.

While the Primary election won’t be held until May of 2006, RNC/Life PAC has endorsed Mr. Blackwell’s candidacy and we encourage Ohio voters to lend him their support.

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