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Nov. 11, 2005
Politics 2006 - What to Expect? 
Tuesday’s election results, with Democrats regaining the governorships of both Virginia and New Jersey, are causing political pundits to question the ability of Republicans maintain majorities in both the U.S. House and Senate in 2006.

When the Republican-led Congress promotes policies and passes laws that morph into those advocated by Democrats, there is trouble on the horizon. Disillusioned voters, who left the Democrat Party because the Republicans offered them a rhetorically brighter future, may decide to return to their comfort zone and vote Democrat in 2006, or stay home altogether.

Republicans have been offending the pro-life, conservative base of the Party for some time now. Congressional spending is out of control, and, as Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) pointed out in his November 7, 2005 commentary, last week Congress approved a "useless and counterproductive foreign aid spending bill," amounting to $21 billion.

Of that $21 billion to be sent overseas, $34 million will go to the pro-abortion United Nations Population Fund and $440 million is designated for international population planning! Why is the Republican-led Congress sending hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign countries where it will be used for condoms, contraceptives, and "family planning" propaganda? Why should American taxpayers be footing the bill for these activities?

Human Events had this to say in its November 7, 2005 issue: "The ABC News/Washington Post poll pegged the President's approval rating at 39%. The AP-Ipsos poll put it at 37%. And the CBS News poll put it at 35%. While a good fight with Senate Democrats resulting in Alito’s confirmation to the Supreme Court should help bring the President's numbers back up, the White House would do well to ponder if its imminent plan to push the President's guest worker/amnesty proposal won't push the President's numbers even lower.

"President Bush will never face election again, but every Republican U.S. House member seeking re-election must go before voters one year from now. Ominously, recent polls indicate that the approval rating of Congress is even lower than Bush’s. Last week's CBS poll said 34% approve of the job Congress is doing. Two weeks ago, a USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll put it at 29%. Whether Bush decides to work with congressional Republicans or against them, the GOP would go a long way to securing its bicameral majority through another election cycle if it could show voters in the coming months it is capable of significantly cutting federal spending and curtailing illegal immigration."

There is no better place to begin to cut federal spending than in the area of population control and "family planning" programs, both at home and overseas! For as long as the U.S. government has been funding population control programs, no benefit has come from it. Instead, it has spawned heartbreak, disease and death among its "clients." Population control/contraceptive programs leave people wide-open to infection by sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS, which is killing millions of people in Africa and other countries.

Republicans who want to win in 2006 must stop acting like Democrats and remember why they were elected in the first place.

House Republican Study Committee Chairman, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), is working to lead Republicans back to their conservative roots. We urge Republican Members of Congress to follow him.

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