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Aug. 11, 2006
Liberal Republican Money Proves No Match for Pro-Life Values

State Senator Doug Lamborn, who has been a pro-life champion in the Colorado Legislature for the past 12 years, won a 6-way primary last Tuesday, securing the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District of Colorado. Mr. Lamborn, who is currently the ranking Republican on the State, Military and Veterans Affairs and Appropriations Committees, will succeed Rep. Joel Hefley, who is retiring after ten terms in Congress. The district is heavily Republican, so Lamborn's Primary victory means he will undoubtedly become the next Congressman.

Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave, who represents Colorado's 4th District, is a staunch friend of the cause of life. When she endorsed Doug Lamborn, she said, "Quite simply, Senator Lamborn is our most outstanding conservative leader in the Colorado Legislature. America needs Doug Lamborn in Congress."

The 7th District of Michigan is a heavily Republican area, but in 2004 it was captured by liberal, pro-abortion RINO Joe Schwarz in a crowded primary from which he emerged with 28% of the vote. This time, conservatives replaced Schwarz with Tim Walberg, a 16-year veteran of the Michigan House, who is known for his support for the traditional Republican agenda items of reducing government spending, lower taxes and fewer regulations. In addition, he is solidly pro-life. Rep. Walberg is predicted to win easily in November.

Both Doug Lamborn and Tim Walberg earned the endorsement of RNC/Life PAC and Eagle Forum PAC, and the Club for Growth. The big losers are the financial backers of the IMP (It's My Party Too) PAC headed by former Governor of New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman. Whitman, who was arguably the most pro-abortion Governor in America at the time she was in office, formed the PAC in order to back pro-abortion Republican candidates. In both of the races mentioned above, IMP PAC supported the loser.

Mrs. Whitman just doesn't get it. Even after 33 years of wholesale abortion-on-demand, no matter how much money she pours into a race, a candidate who supports the dirty business of killing babies is a hard sell.

Dan Patrick, a Houston talk show host who won the Primary in the heavily Republican 7th State Senate District of Texas, plans to introduce legislation to outlaw abortions in Texas upon the reversal of the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, a move that will challenge the status quo of the Texas Senate.

A trigger law would serve to prevent costly litigation and delays in implementation of a pro-life environment in Texas. Upon reversal of Roe, the Patrick measure would automatically "trigger" an abortion ban. "When the Supreme Court puts a stop to the madness, I want Texas to be a state that protects life. With a Texas trigger law, we can save lives immediately," Mr. Patrick said. Pro-life Texans are eager to promote the law.

Seven other states including Louisiana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois have passed trigger laws. "The passage of a trigger law in Louisiana gives us an expectation of success in Texas," Mr. Patrick remarked. Republicans and Democrats in the Louisiana Legislature worked together to ensure passage (approved unanimously in the Louisiana Senate), and the law was signed by Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco, on June 17, 2006. "If the Louisiana Legislature can pass a trigger law, surely Texas can," he said. (Texas Insider.org, 8/8/06)

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