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Feb. 10, 2006
The city of San Francisco, heretofore a bastion of anti-life liberalism, held one of the largest demonstrations commemorating the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade on January 22nd! The San Francisco Chronicle reported that, “Thousands of pro-lifers converged on San Francisco for the second Walk for Life, an event designed to show that opposition to abortion exists even in the liberal Bay Area.”

Eva Muntean, a San Franciscan and co-chairwoman of the Walk for Life said, “We want people to know that there is another kind of voice in San Francisco.”

The Chronicle pointed out the happy fact that the pro-life movement is gaining ground in California, “with forces narrowly failing last fall to get a ballot measure passed requiring parental consent before minors could get an abortion. They are preparing to gather signatures next month that could lead to another vote in November.”

The San Francisco experience is a reflection of growing support among Americans, and young Americans in particular, for the cause of life.

As a movement, we are blessed to have Nellie Gray continuing to lead the annual national March for Life in Washington D.C., which serves as a catalyst for the thousands of pro-life marches, rallies, and demonstrations that are held in cities and towns across the country each year. It is due to the irrepressible and determined leadership of those pro-life leaders who have fought for restoration of legal protection of the right to life over these many years, that our movement has not diminished, but instead, has grown into a mighty force for change.

Last September, the Missouri Legislature passed a bill which said: “Any physician performing or inducing an abortion who does not have clinical privileges at a hospital which offers obstetrical care located within thirty miles of the location at which the abortion is performed or induced shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.” The bill also allows civil suits to be brought against anyone who helps a Missouri teen obtain an abortion without a parent's consent.

Governor Matt Blunt signed the bill into law, in an effort to prevent the transport of a minor across state lines (Illinois, for instance, unlike Missouri, does not have a parental consent law) for the purpose of procuring an abortion without parental consent. Parents now have a right to sue anyone who would “intentionally cause, aid, or assist” their minor daughter in obtaining an abortion without permission.

The new law also strikes at the abortion industry’s practice of bringing abortionists from outside the state to perform their terrible deeds because it requires abortionists to have clinical privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the place where abortions are committed. After the law was passed, the Springfield Healthcare Center, which had performed about 1,500 abortions a year, closed its doors!! (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/28/05)

Governor Blunt has been supportive of pro-life initiatives in Missouri. That is why we find his support for a ballot initiative that would allow embryonic stem cell research and human cloning to be conducted in Missouri, strangely out of sync with his otherwise pro-life philosophy. Governor Blunt denies the fact that somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) generates a cloned living human embryo, apparently buying into the deception being used by those pushing the measure. Missouri Eagle Forum (http://www.moeagle.org) is working to educate Governor Blunt and defeat the ballot initiative. If you live in Missouri, they need your help!

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