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June 23, 2006
We are told that last Friday, June 16, Rush Limbaugh, while discussing the fatalities that have occurred among U.S. troops stationed in Iraq, said that any soldier in Iraq is safer by far than any baby in the womb of a woman in a Planned Parenthood office. The implication being that the soldier has at least a chance to defend himself.

Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP), a division of American Life League (ALL), issued a report last week exposing Planned Parenthood’s finances from July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2005. Planned Parenthood bills itself as a not-for-profit organization. Yet, PP reported a $63 MILLION dollar profit during that time period.

Planned Parenthood’s total reported income was $882 million. Clinic fees brought in $346.8 million, and STOPP estimates that at least $108 million of that came from abortion fees. Private contributions and bequests amounted to $215.8 million. The United States Congress gave a whopping $272.7 million from us, the American taxpayers!

The report reveals that Planned Parenthood killed a record number of babies (255,015 surgical abortions) during that year.

Since 1987, Planned Parenthood’s total profit amounts to $649.6 million. Its total assets have risen to $748.1 million, with $478.7 million in cash or investments.

Please call your Representative in Congress to say loud and clear, STOP FUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD! STOP FUNDING SO-CALLED “FAMILY PLANNING” PROGRAMS! STOP!!

Capitol Switchboard – 202/224-3121

The Guardian reports that British fertility researchers have increased the number of potential genetic malformations they are able to detect in human embryos from 200 to almost 6,000. Using new procedures for scanning genetic information, the testing allows researchers to identify a vast array of previously undetectable genetic diseases.

Although the technology could conceivably lead to increasingly advanced in-utero treatments for children conceived with treatable diseases, similar technology is rarely used for this purpose. The vast majority of detectable diseases are untreatable in the womb, and instead the detection procedures usually lead to the abortion of the potentially unhealthy unborn child.

Known as preimplantation genetic haplotyping, the technique was first developed by Ali al-Hellani, a Saudi Arabian fertility specialist in 2004. It has since been perfected by the work of British researchers. The research team has applied to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority for permission to test for further genetic diseases. (LifeSiteNews.com, 6/19/06)

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis has been going on for some time. Parents, in increasing numbers, are using the technology to determine the gender of their children and aborting when their wishes are not being fulfilled.

Health insurers will likely play a role in this as well. Many insurance companies pay for abortions, but will not cover pre-existing conditions. Pregnant mothers should be aware that if they submit to having genetic testing performed on their unborn children and a predisposition to a genetic disorder is discovered, they may be offered a choice between a paid-for abortion or no health care coverage for the child once he or she is born.

Members of Congress must press for legislation that would prohibit discrimination by health insurers and employers against individuals and their unborn offspring based on genetic testing information. Individuals must be free to refuse to submit to a genetic test on themselves or their unborn children without penalty of any sort.

What has man wrought in the name of progress?

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