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May 26, 2006
Politics — 2006

Congressional Primaries Yield Pro-Life Victories - IDAHO: State Representative Bill Sali won the May 23rd six-way Republican Primary in Congressional District 01. Mr. Sali has been intimately involved in the drafting and passage of all pro-life legislation that has passed the Idaho Legislature since 1998, including Idaho's ban on use of state funds for "health" abortions and Idaho's fetal homicide law. Five of the six candidates in the race drew pro-life support, and received a collective 82% of the vote. The National Republican Congressional Committee expects Sali to win the seat in November in a district that voted 67% Republican in the last presidential election. (http://www.billsali.com/about.asp)

ARKANSAS: Andy Mayberry is the Republican Primary winner in Arkansas' District 2. Andy and his wife Julie have three daughters, Ellie, Katie, and Zoe. Katie was born with spina bifida and is mobile through the use of a wheelchair. Andy Mayberry is solidly pro-life. He has a real challenge in opposing incumbent pro-abortion Democrat Vic Snyder in November because so much power and fund-raising prowess are inherent in incumbency. We hope that pro-life/pro-family grassroots families who live in the second district will get behind Andy in a big way. (http://www.andymayberryforcongress.com/)

ILLINOIS: The 6th District seat is open with the retirement of pro-life champion Henry Hyde. Another solid pro-lifer is poised to take the seat in November. Peter Roskam, Hyde's protégé, is facing a well organized and funded opponent in Democrat candidate Tammy Duckworth, a veteran of the Iraq war, where, as a Black Hawk helicopter pilot, she suffered injuries that cost her both legs and a shattered right arm. Despite her noteworthy military service to our country, Duckworth's views are totally out of step with Congressman Hyde's district. She is a pro-abortion liberal. Peter Roskam deserves the support of pro-life activists both in and outside Illinois District 6. (http://www.roskamforcongress.com/)

endorsed and contributed to these fine candidates. We will continue our support and we wish them well in November. We invite you to join us in helping them and other fine pro-life candidates by contributing to the RNC/Life PAC - P.O. Box 618 - Alton, Illinois 62002. Thank you.

OHIO - Blackwell Faces off Against Strickland in Governor's Race 
Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is running for Governor of Ohio and this solidly pro-life candidate is smart and principled and determined to win. His Democrat opponent is Rep. Ted Strickland (American Conservative Union Lifetime Rating — 18%) who generally votes pro-abortion.

A February 11, 2005 column by Tim Jones in The Chicago Tribune, described Ken Blackwell as "'the anti-Obama,' a loud and persistent advocate for tax cuts, smaller government and a greater role for religion in daily life. With the cranky fiscal conservatism of H. Ross Perot, the saber-rattling chutzpah of Newt Gingrich and the volatile verbosity of Alan Keyes, Blackwell has already been elected statewide three times in Ohio. Now he is running for governor, aiming to be only the nation's second African-American Governor."

Ken Blackwell grew up in a Cincinnati housing project where he had no television but a lot of books to read, won a football scholarship to Xavier University, and earned a free agent contract with the Dallas Cowboys which he ended up forsaking for a career in politics. He was elected to the city council and later Mayor of Cincinnati. Ken Blackwell, who is sincerely pro-life, has it all. (http://www.kenblackwell.com/)

RNC/Life PAC is proud to support Ken Blackwell for Governor of Ohio.

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