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Oct. 13, 2006
Will Republicans lose control of either the House or the Senate – or both – on November 7th? Given the current state of the nation, it is at least possible. If it does happen, what does that mean for the cause of life and the myriad of public policy issues that stem from it?

It would mean many things, but mentioning them now would be premature because, despite the gloomy prognostications in the media, that scenario may not materialize.

But, there is one thing every pro-lifer who supported President Bush should remember. He will remain in the White House until January of 2009 and he holds the power to veto any and all anti-life legislation that may reach his desk. Absent a Republican-controlled Congress, in an environment where the efforts of pro-life Members to thwart anti-life legislation may meet with failure, the mantle of responsibility for the protection of innocent human life will rest with President Bush.

Parents and grandparents, please pay attention.

“In June of this year, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted to recommend the first vaccine developed to prevent cervical cancer and other diseases in females caused by certain types of genital human papillomavirus (HPV). The vaccine, Gardasil®, protects against four HPV types, which together cause 70% of cervical cancers and 90% of genital warts. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently licensed this vaccine for use in girls/women, ages 9/26 years. The vaccine is given through a series of three shots over a six-month period.” (http://www.cdc.gov/std/hpv/hpv-vaccine.pdf)

This announcement appears at the beginning of a question and answer document provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) called “HPV Vaccine Questions & Answers.”

The media are promoting this vaccine as a means of preventing cervical cancer when in fact, the vaccine was developed to protect against human papillomavirus which causes cervical cancer. In fact, the vaccine does not protect against all types of HPV, and therefore does not protect against 30% of cervical cancer or genital warts. Yet, they want to vaccinate our precious daughters and granddaughters, at the age of 9, against a sexually transmitted disease which they admit won’t work 30% of the time and in spite of the fact, also mentioned in the CDC document, that “The only sure way to prevent HPV is to abstain from all sexual activity.” It’s called ABSTINENCE! That means for boys and girls. That means that intimate relationships should be reserved for marriage. That means that unless both people abstain until they marry each other, one of them could transmit the virus to the other innocent party.

The old joke, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you” comes to mind. Parents and grand- parents need to wake up and realize that their children are at great risk. Government sponsored vaccinations are not the answer. They will only lead to a false sense of security among youngsters who follow the crowd into risky behavior. Children must be taught to abstain from dangerous activities involving sex, drugs and alcohol. And they need to learn how to successfully accomplish that. To find out how to protect your children, visit Project Reality (http://www.projectreality.org/) the leader of the abstinence education movement in America.

New Jersey pro-lifers were astonished at the news that the wife of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was #1 on the Host Committee for a fund raising event on October 11 in East Brunswick honoring Tom Kean, the liberal, pro-abortion Republican who is running for the U.S. Senate.

Candace Straight chaired the event along with co-chairman Christine Todd Whitman and Judith Ann Eisenberg, all of whom serve on the board of “It’s My Party Too,” the political action committee they use to raise money for pro-abortion Republican candidates. Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-NC), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee which is listed on the It’s My Party Too website as a “partner,” was the event’s special guest.

The U.S. Senate seat in question is currently occupied by pro-abortion, liberal Democrat Robert Menendez. The Republican Party wants to replace Menendez with its own liberal, pro-abortion candidate, Tom Kean who supports keeping abortion legal but has said he would have voted to confirm Sam Alito to the Supreme Court if he had been in the Senate at the time of the vote.

Mrs. Alito’s public involvement in a political campaign, an unusual action for the wife of a Supreme Court Justice, may be the result of Kean’s announcement that he would have voted to confirm Sam Alito to the Supreme Court, unlike the Democrat incumbent Robert Menendez, who voted against Alito’s confirmation.

According to a September 30 press release from National Right to Life Committee, the “Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act” (CIANA), an amended version of the original Child Custody Protection Act, would require an abortionist in any state to notify one parent before performing an abortion on a minor from another state (with certain exceptions). A vote on the bill had been blocked by pro-abortion Senators, but under pressure from pro-life supporters, Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) forced a cloture vote to shut off debate and allow a final vote on the bill. 60 votes are needed for cloture.

The cloture vote was defeated by three votes. Of course, the 39 out of 45 Democrats who voted NO are being blamed for the loss. But it was the four RINOs (Republicans In Name Only)—Specter, Snowe, Collins, and Chafee—who also voted NO who should be held responsible! The Republican Party leadership vigorously protects these people from credible pro-life and conservative challengers in primaries. It’s fair to say that if it was not for President Bush and Senator Rick Santorum campaigning all over Pennsylvania for Specter, his primary opponent, Pat Toomey, would have beaten him. Lincoln Chafee had strong primary opposition from the far more conservative Mayor Steve Laffey of Cranston, RI, but the Party weighed in against Laffey and Chafee prevailed.

Life Dynamics, headquartered in Denton, Texas, is creating a new web-based crisis pregnancy center (CPC) specifically designed to answer the questions and address the issues facing women with unplanned pregnancies. And it will serve those women right where they are: online, according to the September 26 edition of Pro•Life News, a publication of Life Dynamics Incorporated.

Not only is this site going to help those women who may never personally visit a CPC, it is also going to provide products and services to the existing CPC network that are simply not available anywhere else. The new web site will have a map to a site where women can find the names, addresses and phone numbers of the centers nearest their homes where they can obtain assistance and counseling. (http://www.lifedynamics.com)

The 2008 Republican National Convention will be held in St. Paul, MN, September 1-4.

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