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Sept. 8, 2006
Wealthy RINOs Raising Funds for Whitman's PAC 
When Christine Todd Whitman was Governor of New Jersey she was known as the most pro-abortion Republican governor in the nation. For the past 16 years, RNC/Life has successfully thwarted the efforts of Republican friends of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry to remove the pro-life plank from the Republican Party Platform. Those efforts have been led, in large part, by Whitman whose fundraising prowess among her like-minded friends is well known.

Whitman recently announced the formation of her new political action committee named "It's My Party Too PAC." The purpose of the PAC is to elect pro-abortion Republicans to Congress and state legislatures. With an eye toward the 2008 presidential primaries and the Republican National Convention where a new platform will be adopted, she is busily raising money for the PAC through receptions hosted by pro-abortion friends.

Multi-millionaire developer Trammell Crow will host a reception for "It's My Party Too PAC" at his Dallas estate on September 20, 2006, and Mrs. Whitman will be introduced along with her book, "It's My Party Too."

The invitation lists Christine Todd Whitman as the chair of the PAC along with its national board of directors, who are: Susan Cullman (NY), The Honorable John Danforth (MO), The Honorable Robert Dole (KS), [U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole is Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee which is a partner with It's My Party Too PAC], The Honorable Lawrence Eagleburger (VA), David Eisenhower (PA), Julie Nixon Eisenhower (PA), The Honorable Tom Kean (NJ), James B. Nicholson (MI), The Honorable Tom Ridge (PA), Charles Royce (CT), The Honorable Alan Simpson (WY), Candace Straight (NJ), The Honorable Jane Swift (MA).

Christine Todd Whitman and her friends have extensive connections across the country with "country club" Republicans and others across the country with lots of money and influence. Like Whitman, many of these people wouldn't even support a ban on partial-birth abortion, for fear it would lend momentum to the pro-life movement.

RNC/Life depends for its support on grassroots pro-lifers like you. 
As you know, most of the big donors and foundations in America are not sympathetic to the pro-life cause. They are giving money, millions in fact, to the Whitmans of the world. In order to carry out our mission to protect and defend the principled pro-life plank in the Republican Party Platform and make every effort to hold elected Republican officials accountable to those principles, we need your help.

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"Liberals Have a Baby Problem" – In recent years, public polling has demonstrated a trend toward the pro-life position as advances in medical technology have radically redefined the political debate over abortion. Now there is yet another article in a growing body of evidence that may lead some liberals to rethink their pro-abortion mindset. Writing in the August 22, 2006 edition of the Wall Street Journal, Professor Arthur Brooks of Syracuse University notes that massive get-out-the-vote drives aimed at left-leaning young Americans, like MTV's "Rock the Vote" campaign, have failed to produce the expected victories at the ballot box. The reason, according to Dr. Brooks, is obvious:

"Simply put, liberals have a big baby problem. They're not having enough of them, they haven't for a long time and their pool of potential new voters is suffering as a result. According to the 2004 General Social Survey, if you picked 100 unrelated politically liberal adults at random, you would find that they had, between them, 147 children. If you picked 100 conservatives, you would find 208 kids. That's a ‘fertility gap' of 41%."

And the implications of this "fertility gap" are equally obvious. "A state that was split 50-50 between left and right in 2004 will tilt right by 2012, 54% to 46%. By 2020, it will be certifiably right-wing, 59% to 41%. A state that is currently 55-45 in favor of liberals (like California) will be 54-46 in favor of conservatives by 2020—and all for no other reason than babies." (From Gary Bauer's American Values Fax, Tuesday, August 22, 2006)

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