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Jan. 26, 2007
Bush Gets His Pick for RNC General Chairman — Martinez In Despite Opposition 
Last weekend, the Republican National Committee met to, among other things, select a new chairman. Ken Mehlman is moving on. President Bush made it known that he wanted Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) to be named General Chairman of the RNC, with Mike Duncan named to run the Committee on a day-to-day basis while Martinez does his job in the U.S. Senate. Mike Duncan has served as the National Committeeman for Kentucky since 1992. Senator Martinez is not a member of the Committee.

While some Committee members objected to the appointment of Senator Martinez because they felt the chairman should be chosen from among their own ranks, the main objection, and it was a vigorous one, was the fact that Sen. Martinez is a strong supporter of the Bush immigration reform plan, which is extremely unpopular with the grassroots base of the Republican Party. Denise McNamara, National Committeewoman for Texas, wrote a column for her Bold Texas Blog http://boldtexas.com/mcnamara in which she explained "the primary objection to Martinez is that he authored the Hagel-Martinez Immigration Reform Bill in the U.S. Senate in 2006. His bill proposed three different levels of amnesty." She points out that "the word 'amnesty' is not a word you should use in a room full of Texas Republicans." The first weekend in December, the entire State Republican Executive Committee of Texas passed a resolution asking that the Texas members of the RNC vote NO on the nomination of Senator Mel Martinez as RNC Chairman. All three Texas members of the RNC voted against President Bush's chosen chairman. But he was elected overwhelmingly.

In her subsequent report on the RNC meeting, Mrs. McNamara makes note of the top-down control that exists in the Republican Party hierarchy. Even those RNC members who opposed Martinez were afraid to vote against the President's choice.

We do take heart in the belief that, while many may disagree with Senator Martinez on illegal aliens and what to do about them, he is a pro-life Senator and an honorable one. It is our hope that he will allow his pro-life views to hold sway over the pro-abortion-choice establishment Republicans as well as the weak-kneed "pro-life" members who seem to dominate the RNC.

The 2006 election resulted in a loss to the Republican Party of many so-called "Reagan Democrats" who voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and remained in the Republican camp until the Republican majority blew it by abandoning the principles that got them elected in the first place.

Most of the "Reagan Democrats" were values-driven, pro-life, blue collar Catholics and Evangelicals. As the Democrats look down the road to 2008, they know they must hang on to those voters. The question is, how can they do that, given their pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-family legislative agenda? Voila! They think they've got it! They are going to advance bills that will, according to them, "reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies." Sounds good, right? In the last Congress, they introduced bills with pro-life-sounding names like: Reducing the Need for Abortion and Supporting Parents Act; Pregnant Women Support Act; Wise Woman Expansion Act; Unintended Pregnancy Reduction Act; and Prevention First Act, among others. We expect the same or similar bills to be introduced this session.

The Democrats want to prohibit funding for abstinence education, which would free our young people from unhealthy and dangerous behaviors that leave them wide open for horrible sexually transmitted diseases, some of them cancer-causing and incurable. Most of their bills call for more funding for contraception, sex education in the schools, emergency "contraception," and abortion services. When you see the Democrats offering legislation with high-sounding titles — BEWARE!

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