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March 2, 2007
With several precincts still out, Duncan Hunter and Rudy Giuliani are virtually tied for first place in the straw poll conducted yesterday in Spartanburg County, S.C. Giuliani is six votes ahead of Hunter, with John McCain in third and Sam Brownback in fourth place.

This is the second surprise win for Duncan Hunter who, on January 13 defeated John McCain by a two-to-one margin in the most populous county McCain's home state of Arizona

Congressman Duncan Hunter has represented the 52nd District of California for 27 years, and prior to the November elections, chaired the House Armed Services Committee. He is committed to the cause of life and is the author of H.R. 618, The Right to Life Act, a bill "To implement equal protection under the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution for the right to life of each born and preborn person."

Duncan Hunter's views mesh with the Reagan conservative base of the Republican Party. His campaign style is similar to Reagan's, with a cadre of volunteers and grassroots organizers working hard and delivering for their candidate, whose consistent conservative philosophy is inspiring growing numbers of supporters.

Some of our conservative, pro-life friends seem to think that pro-abortion, pro-homosexual civil unions, pro-gun control, thrice married former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani has the leadership ability to be President of the United States.

Spartanburg, S.C. is a very conservative and pro-life area, so the idea that Giuliani is leading the straw poll at the moment, albeit by only 6 votes, speaks to the willingness of some to abandon their principles in order to support a candidate whose record is in opposition to almost everything they believe in. Politics is a strange business indeed.

Perhaps it would be instructive to take a look at Giuliani from a perspective different from the social and cultural morass in which our society is submerged. The question arises, what qualifies Rudy Giuliani to be considered capable of leading the free world? With our country embroiled in a war against Islamic terrorism in Iraq, a country where the concepts of democracy, rule of law, and fair play are virtually non-existent and where a gigantic cultural and religious chasm exists between our way of life, which is based on Judeo-Christian moral principles, and the Moslem world, what experience does Giuliani bring to the table? Where is his foreign policy expertise?

Consider the fact that, after 9-11, when Giuliani was no longer Mayor of New York, he formed a consulting firm called Giuliani Partners and received a contract in 2003 to advise the Mexico City police how to clean up their crime and drug ridden city. Mega-wealthy Carlos Slim and other businessmen agreed to pay Giuliani Partners $4.3 million for the job.

"When this crime-ridden capital city announced it was bringing in Mayor Giuliani and his private consulting firm to advise its police it was big news not only in New York and Mexico but all over the world. 'Giuliani to the rescue' was the headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Followed by legions of cameras, Mr. Giuliani spent a day-and-a-half in January 2003 touring Mexico City's danger and tourist zones, protected by a motorcade of a dozen bulletproof sport utility vehicles, 400 officers, and a helicopter. 'He was mobbed and cheered and was a tremendous hero,' Michael Hess, a Giuliani aide told The New York Sun." (The New York Sun, "In Mexico City, Few Cheers for Giuliani, April 11, 2005) http://www.nysun.com/article/11973

Two years later the Giuliani plan was a flop. The $4.3 million was never paid in full. The cultural, social, and political differences between New York and Mexico City could not be overcome. According to Mexican police officers interviewed for the Sun article, crime did not go down, instead, it went up, and "the Giuliani plan did not have any effect. It was money in the trash, really."

The question arises: If Rudy Giuliani couldn't clean up Mexico City, why would anyone think he can successfully cope with Baghdad, not to mention the entire Moslem world?

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