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November 9, 2007


Grassroots Leaders Work Together to Foil Hidden Clone-to-Kill Human Embryos Plan

Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life, issued the following statement on November 6, following a statewide referendum:

"Today, New Jersey voters soundly rejected Public Question #2, the $450 million Stem Cell Bond Act. This was a major defeat for [Democrat] Governor Corzine who personally campaigned for this Question and contributed $200,000 to a shadow group which ran radio ads and made phone calls featuring Michael J. Fox. In addition, Senate President Richard Codey contributed $100,000 from his leadership PAC to run radio ads with the mother of Carl Riccio, a young man who became paralyzed as a result of a wrestling accident.

"New Jersey Right to Life challenged the ballot referendum in court for its deceptive nature and ran radio ads featuring Police Detective Steven McDonald who was shot in the line of duty. [Mr. McDonald is paralyzed and breathes through a respirator.] Detective McDonald urged a NO vote on Public Question #2. The TV ad can be viewed on our website at http://www.njrtl.org.

" 'Today's vote is a victory for NJ citizens. This was an ill-conceived plan from the beginning. In the end, the people recognized that this $450 million boondoggle was politics masquerading as science and soundly rejected it,' Mrs. Tasy said."

Carolee Adams, President of Eagle Forum of New Jersey, gives us more insight into the excellent collaboration among pro-life leaders which lead to the rejection of the ballot measure by the people of New Jersey.

Mrs. Adams points to heavy advertising by Americans for Prosperity, led by Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, heavy advertising by New Jersey Right to Life led by Marie Tasy, and angry New Jersey voters increasingly deserting the state because of the stifling tax burden. Even the otherwise liberal media opposed the stem cell institute and the property tax ballot measures based on New Jersey's projected $75 billion in debt by the next decade. Mrs. Adams says, "Thus New Jersey finally got the message and voted its pocketbook and quality of life in this congested, overtaxed, corrupt state."

Joseph Marbach, a political science professor at Seton Hall University, said no one should discount the moral opposition that helped lead to the question's defeat. Churches throughout the state urged parishioners Sunday to vote against the stem cell measure. "That was a combination of economics and morality that doomed Question # 2." (Star-Ledger, 11/7/07)

Carolee Adams added, "The sound defeat of the stem cell institute and its hidden plans to clone and use aborted baby parts, is a blessing to the nation. Please take a moment today to join us in thanks to God for this victory for life and in thanks to those who worked so hard to see the dignity of life preserved."


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