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October 5, 2007

Adult stem cell research is an ethical and effective alternative to embryonic stem cell research, which requires the destruction of human embryos. Adult stem cells have been used to treat more than 70 diseases. No one has been cured of anything using embryonic stem cells.

Medical News TODAY reports that adult stem cells have been used to restore sight to a man who had been blind for 40 years since the age of three when he lost his sight in a chemical explosion. One eye was lost, and he remained blind in the other until surgery involving a transplant of adult stem cells brought sight to his remaining eye.

The TimesOnline reports that a team of British specialists has successfully treated more than a dozen patients using adult stem cells. The technique restored sight in seven cases of people who had been blinded after getting acid, alkali, and boiling metal in their eyes, or because of congenital disorders. Many of the patients had been told that they had no hope of getting their sight back or had already undergone failed corneal transplants. Sheraz Daya, an ophthalmic surgeon a leading team of researchers, which has spent five years perfecting the technique, said that doctors had been astonished at how the cells appeared to trigger the eye's natural regeneration of its damaged surface. One patient, Edward Bailey, who had lost his sight from acid in an industrial accident, said the operation changed his life. "I couldn't believe it," the TimesOnline reports. "For ten years all I had seen was shades of black and gray, then after the operation the nurse came by and I saw a flash of blue from her uniform. I went home and when I took the patch off my eye, I had my vision back." (Texas Alliance for Life Update, 10/3/07)

For 20 years, pro-lifers across the USA and Canada have participated in Life Chain on the first Sunday in October. They stand for one hour on a busy thoroughfare holding signs that say "Adoption — The Loving Option," "Pray to End Abortion," "Life — The First Inalienable Right," and other pro-life messages.

In our experience, Life Chain has made a difference. Years ago, when it first began, people driving by would frequently shake their fists at us or make obscene gestures, sometimes even driving very close to where we were standing in order to frighten us. So many people were angry that we dared to stand publicly and silently for life. But in recent years, the mood has noticeably changed. More often than not, we experience friendly gestures and people honk their horns in approval and give us the "thumbs up."

Americans are becoming more pro-life and we can be thankful for that. So, gather your family, friends and neighbors and join with your local Life Chain group on Sunday, October 7.

For information and locations, visit this web site. http://www.lifechain.net/

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