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October 19, 2007


The following message is from Georgia State Senator Eric Johnson. This story should inspire all of us to stand fast, never vote for a candidate who is the "lesser of two evils" but only support candidates who are solidly committed to the pro-life cause. Once Republican Party leaders realize that they can't win unless they field authentic pro-life candidates for public office, the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) will begin to disappear from the Republican political scene.

We appreciate Senator Johnson and his pro-life colleagues in the Georgia General Assembly:

"Rarely do we look back and analyze the effects of the laws we pass. Recently, I was given some incredible information that I want to pass along. After a long and controversial legislative battle, the Georgia General Assembly finally passed the Woman's Right to Know Act that requires women to be informed of the medical risks of abortion and the status of the life in their womb. They then had to wait 24 hours before proceeding with this critical decision.

"According to the Senate majority Leader, Tommie Williams, we have already seen significant results in passing this critical pro-life legislation. Since it went into effect in May of 2005, between 32,500 and 40,500 women have talked to their doctors about an abortion. After that conversation and the information provided to them by this law, approximately 10,000 chose to carry their babies to term. In addition, 2,300 minors considered terminating their pregnancies and only 500 did so. So we saved about 11,800 babies so far. Pretty neat, huh?

"We passed the sonogram bill this year that allows women the opportunity to see the life inside of them. That should reduce abortion even more.

"Electing pro-life legislators matters!"


U.S. Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) is reportedly abandoning his campaign for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

Senator Brownback is a stalwart defender of the right to life of all human beings, from conception until natural death. The months he has spent on the campaign trail have served to educate and inform all who heard him speak of the crucial life issues facing our nation. In that sense, his campaign was a real success and we thank him for making the effort.

We look forward to Senator Brownback's continuing service in the United States Senate and we are thankful for his sincere and effective efforts on behalf of all innocent human life.

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