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April 18, 2008

Feminist Majority PAC Targets Pro-Life Seats in Congress 
Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Political Action Committee, has announced the PAC’s support for 21 new women candidates for Congress. All are pro-abortion, in keeping with Smeal’s political agenda.

Eleanor Smeal is best known by those who followed the antics of the feminist movement during the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, as the head of the National Organization for Women (NOW). She remains absolutely committed to the retention of legal abortion in America and opposed to any and all legislation that would in any way restrict or regulate the practice of abortion.

Please examine the list of candidates receiving support from the Feminist Majority PAC. Is your district being targeted? Or, perhaps another district in your state where you may have family members, friends and colleagues? It is grassroots action by pro-life voters who will prevent these women from winning election to the U.S. House where they would add to the anti-life numbers currently led by pro-abortion Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Whether Feminist Majority PAC candidates seek to oust a pro-life incumbent, or to occupy an open seat currently held by a Member who votes pro-life all, or most of the time, they must be defeated.

Among the 21 Smeal-endorsed female candidates, some are seeking election to seats that are overwhelmingly Democrat and pro-abortion. We will not list those where there is no pro-life candidate running or where there is no hope that one could win. Our focus is on seats represented by a pro-life-voting Representative.

Feminist Majority PAC endorses:

NJ-07 - Democrat Linda Stender. This is an open seat currently held by Rep. Mike Ferguson who has a 100% pro-life voting record according to National Right to Life Committee. Several candidates are running in the Republican Primary. Pro-life voters can check with New Jersey Right to Life regarding who is the most pro-life Republican deserving of support in the General Election.

AZ-01 – Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick. The Republican National Coalition for Life PAC has endorsed Sydney Hay in this race. Our endorsement statement can be found here.

MO-06 – Democrat Kay Barnes. Barnes is a former mayor of Kansas City, a former U.S. Senate nominee and former director/president of Common Cause. She wishes to unseat Republican incumbent Rep. Sam Graves who has a 100% pro-life voting record according to the National Right to Life Committee Legislative Scorecard.

CO-04 Democrat Betsy Markey. The former chairman of the Larimer County Democratic Party is running against pro-life champion, Rep. Marilyn Musgrave. The Republican National Coalition for Life PAC has consistently endorsed Congresswoman Musgrave throughout her tenure in Congress.

FL-13 Democrat Christine Jennings. This seat is held by Republican Rep. Vern Buchanan whose pro-life voting record is 85% according to NRLC. The 13th District was formerly represented by Katherine Harris, who had a 100% pro-life voting record.

OH–02 Victoria Wulsin. Pro-life Rep. Jean Schmidt, a Republican who has a 100% pro-life voting record, defeated Wulsin in 2006 by only 2,500 votes. We urge Ohio's 2nd District voters to increase that margin and send Congresswoman Schmidt back to Congress to continue her fight to restore protection of the right to life in our country.

OH-07 Sharen Swartz Neuhardt. Rep. David Hobson, whose voting record on life issues is 85%, is retiring. Democrat Neuhardt is running against Republican State Senator Steve Austria, whose campaign literature claims a 100% pro-life voting record and the highest rating according to Ohio Right to Life.

PA–18 Beth Hafer. Hafer seeks to remove Republican Rep. Tim Murphy whose voting record according to NRLC is 90% to 100% pro-life.

IL–11 Debbie Halvorson. Pro-life Rep. Jerry Weller is retiring from Congress and Halvorson, who has served in the Illinois State Senate since 1997 and is the first woman elected Senate Majority Leader, has her eye on the seat. Unfortunately, there may not be a pro-life Republican in the race. The primary winner withdrew from the race and the various county chairmen responsible for appointing a new nominee have not yet done so.

VA-10 Judy Feder. A professor at Georgetown University, Feder recently stepped down as Dean of Georgetown’s Public Policy Institute. She is challenging pro-life incumbent Rep. Frank Wolf whose record of pro-life votes is 85% to 100% according to NRLC.

NC-U.S. Senate - Kay Hagan. A member of the North Carolina State Senate for five terms, Hagan is challenging Republican incumbent Senator Elizabeth Dole who has established a 100% pro-life voting record.

NH-U.S. Senate – Jeanne Shaheen. A former Governor of New Hampshire and former Director of the Harvard University Institute of Politics, Shaheen is running against pro-life Republican Incumbent Senator John Sununu, whose NRLC Scorecard record is 100%.

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