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February 1, 2008

Presidential Primaries Still Wide Open

John McCain won the Florida Primary and every left-wing RINO (Republican in Name Only) politician is rushing to endorse him. Rudy Giuliani, whose defeat was entirely predictable, given his liberal views on social issues and personal peccadilloes, rushed to endorse him. Yesterday, McCain received the embrace of none other than Governor Arnold Scwarzenegger of California, another pro-abortion, liberal Democrat-in-Republican clothes. The liberal Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party is reveling in what they see as their return to control of the Republican Party.

They should think again. Republicans can't win without the pro-life, pro-family coalition within the Republican Party. So, while they may temporarily regain the advantage in the Republican Party, the Party may very well lose the political power it has gained over the past 27 years by virtue of the successful conservative coalition forged by Ronald Wilson Reagan. If he should win the nomination, John McCain can't win the General Election without that intact coalition and its enthusiastic support.

Neither can Mitt Romney, who, had he come in first in Florida, would now be the darling of the liberal Republican establishment. His style differs from McCain's, and his patrician bearing and manner are less appealing to Democrats and Independents who are largely responsible for McCain's successes thus far. But his record as Governor of Massachusetts is not a conservative one and he is distrusted by many in the conservative coalition.

From a pro-life perspective, neither man is pro-life. McCain's voting record reflects the recognition that some restriction and/or regulation of abortion is acceptable. But, the fact that he supports killing human embryos for research, and voted to increase taxpayer funding for it, is about as far from a pro-life position as one can get. Mitt Romney also supports research on human embryos who are "left over" from in vitro fertilization procedures, as long as the adoption option has been covered and parents give their consent to have their children killed for science. Of course, Romney's record as a strong supporter of the "right" to abortion cannot be forgotten.

The goal of the pro-life movement is to achieve an end to legal abortion by establishing in law the personhood of the human being from the moment of conception/fertilization. The measure of respect a candidate gives to the status of the tiniest embryonic human being determines whether he is "pro-life." Both McCain and Romney fail that test.

Mike Huckabee, who is pro-life and does want legal abortion to end in this country, pledges to carry on his campaign, despite what now appear to be overwhelming odds against his winning. However, the possibility exists that Huckabee could garner enough Delegates in the up-coming Super Tuesday Primaries on February 5 to deny McCain or Romney the sufficient number they would need to secure the nomination prior to the National Convention. If that happens, Huckabee would go to St. Paul, MN, the site of the 2008 Republican National Convention, as a power broker. The other two men, coveting the Huckabee Delegates to put them over the top, would have to deal with Huckabee, who could, in return for releasing his Delegates, extract concessions on policy and commitments on a myriad of things that would evoke avid speculation.

Ron Paul is expected to remain in the race, although his performance up to now makes it doubtful that he could secure enough Delegates to remain a player in an open convention.

Never forget that YOU were once an embryo.

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