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February 8, 2008

Republicans for Choice Endorses McCain

Some prominent pro-life Republicans have endorsed John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination. Visit the McCain for President web site — you will see some names that may surprise you http://www.johnmccain.com/supporters/. They will surprise you because, while John McCain claims a pro-life record, he supports research that involves the killing of human embryos and he justifies abortion for babies conceived through rape or incest. Those are not pro-life positions. He voted to expand taxpayer funding of embryo-killing research, and he joined other Senators in signing a letter to President Bush asking him to expand the number of embryonic stem cell lines to be used for research.

The pro-life Republicans who endorsed John McCain should be embarrassed to find themselves on the same side as Republicans for Choice, the organization created in 1990 by Washington, D.C. fundraiser Ann Stone with the stated purpose of removing the pro-life plank from the Republican National Platform. They support Roe v. Wade and oppose a human life amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Ann Stone and her supporters also understand that abortion will remain legal in this country as long as the human embryo is denied respect and protection under the law. Many pro-lifers don't "get it," but you can be sure that Republicans for Choice supporters do.

While their "first choice" Rudy Giuliani did not win, their second choice is John McCain. In asking their supporters to consider McCain in a message posted on the Republicans for Choice web site (http://www.republicansforchoice.com/) they say: "We know we can work with him to create common ground that will allow moderates and conservatives to come together to rebuild the GOP." That is code-language meaning that they think John McCain will work with them to rewrite the Republican National Platform to remove the principles that we have worked so hard to maintain since 1980.

The Republican National Coalition for Life came into existence in order to defeat the efforts of Republicans for Choice. We have done so successfully at every Republican National Convention since 1992 and we plan to do it again. If John McCain becomes the Republican nominee, he will exert tremendous pressure on the Platform Committee to bend to his will on many issues. John McCain has poked his finger in the collective eye of conservatives throughout his career. His campaign for the presidency has not been supported by social conservatives but rather, it has been buoyed by the entrance of Independents and Democrats in open primaries. If he gets the nomination, to whom will he listen? Will it be the smattering of pro-lifers who endorsed him, whatever their reasons? Or will it be to Republicans for Choice and Rudy Giuliani, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lew Eisenberg, and the rest of the Eastern seaboard establishment who are bankrolling his campaign?

Mike Huckabee is pro-life. He has been pro-life throughout his career in public life. He supports a human life amendment and the principles in our pro-life Platform Plank. Some conservatives have serious problems with some of Huckabee's positions and actions on a variety of issues, not the least of which is illegal immigration policy. In order to win the nomination, Huckabee will have to work hard to dispel those concerns. But, with 25 million+ Democrats voting in the primaries so far, and only 12 million+ Republicans voting, it is clear that millions of Republican social conservatives stayed home, just as they did in 2006.

Mike Huckabee, as a former Governor, has the executive experience to be president. He has the drive, personality and communication skills to deliver his message and compete effectively against either Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama. Can he draw those millions of social conservatives back into the process? Perhaps he can. If it is a two-man race now that Mitt Romney has stepped aside, whose side will pro-life Republicans take, Mike Huckabee's or John McCain's and Republicans for Choice?

Never forget that YOU were once an embryo.

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