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January 25, 2008

News Outlets Distort Delegate Counts

An insightful article for the New York Sun written by Josh Gerstein (1/22/08) reveals discrepancies in the Delegate counts being reported as the primaries and caucuses occur.

For instance, "on the Republican side, CNN's tally has Mitt Romney with 72 Delegates, the Associated Press has that number at 59, and so far CBS has counted just 35 Delegates for the former Massachusetts governor. Governor Huckabee has racked up 40 Delegates according to the AP, 29 Delegates per CNN, and only 7 in the view of CBS."

The director of surveys for CBS News, Kathy Frankovic, pointed to the different standards news organizations have about when to add Delegates to the total. "We are not accepting Republican Delegates out of Iowa and Nevada. The AP is awarding them, but doing them on a formula that we don't understand," she said. "The only votes that have been taken in those states have been in a nonbinding straw poll."

Hal Bruno, a former political director at ABC News for 19 years said, "Until now, the presidential campaign is psychological warfare. You can win even though your guy lost and you can lose even though you've won . . . Starting with Florida, it's a different game. The cold hard bloodless numbers take over and no matter what a candidate says or does, the only thing that counts from here on is that Delegate count."

The magic number to secure the Republican presidential nomination is 1,191 Delegates.

Will you be a pro-life Delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota?

Please let us know.

Louisiana Caucuses Elect Majority of Pro-Life Uncommitted Delegates

On Tuesday, January 22, 10,000 Louisiana Republicans voted for Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the 2008 Louisiana Republican Convention at Congressional District caucuses held throughout the state. The Louisiana Delegation to the Republican National Convention will be chosen by those people at the LA Republican Party State Convention.

Preliminary results reported by the Republican Party of Louisiana "show that a majority of the 105 state convention Delegates who have been elected ran on a statewide pro-life uncommitted slate," said Roger F. Villere, Jr., the Party Chairman. The rest of the Delegates who ran as committed to a presidential candidate are divided among John McCain, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney, in that order.

Approximately 650 votes were provisional and before they are counted the state Party must determine if those voters were registered Republican voters in his or her congressional district as of Nov. 30, 2007.

Have you read the latest edition of the RNC for Life Report, "What Can a Pro-Life President Do to Protect Life? " It's more than appointing judges-much more.

Never forget that YOU were once an embryo.

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