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June 6, 2008

Countdown to the Republican National Convention 
At RNC/Life we are working on our plans for once again securing the pro-life plank in the Republican National Platform.

Are you planning to attend the Convention as a pro-life Delegate or Alternate? Please let us know!

Habitat for Humanity Ends Deal With Planned Parenthood 
Thanks to the excellent work of American Life League (ALL) and pro-life activists in Sarasota, Florida, the Florida affiliate of Habitat for Humanity has ceased to cooperate with Planned Parenthood’s attempt to build a new abortion facility there, according to an ALL news release dated June 5, 2008.

"Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, wanted to open an abortion clinic in Sarasota, but due to zoning ordinances they were unable to do so. The obstacle seemed to have been overcome when Habitat for Humanity Sarasota agreed to purchase a Planned Parenthood property for $10 and to build housing on part of it. The agreement would have bypassed city requirements preventing Planned Parenthood from obtaining an occupancy permit. City ordinances required a multifamily "liner" building to be constructed at the back of the property before a clinic could be opened at the front.

ALL vice president Jim Sedlak said that ALL had worked with Sarasota-area pro-lifers to publicize the agreement which, he said, "resulted in a large number of phone calls to local and international Habitat for Humanity offices. On Wednesday morning the American Life League was informed that the board of directors of Habitat for Humanity Sarasota Inc. on Tuesday night voted to withdraw from the agreement.

Thank you to ALL and congratulations to all who worked to make this happen. As Mr. Sedlak said, "Planned Parenthood is a controversial organization and that controversy will transfer to any group associated with Planned Parenthood."

Baby Survives Abortion in Britain 
A mother who decided to abort her son because he may have inherited a life-threatening kidney condition is overjoyed that he survived the procedure.

The London Daily Mail (6/5/08) reported that Jodie Percival of Nottinghamshire, England, said she and her fiancée made the decision to abort Finley when she was eight weeks pregnant. Ms. Percival's first son, Thane, died of multicystic dysplastic kidney disease — which causes cysts to grow on the kidneys of an unborn baby — and her second son, Lewis, was born with serious kidney damage and survives with only one.

"Deciding to terminate at eight weeks was just utterly horrible but I couldn't cope with the anguish of losing another baby," Ms. Percival, 25, said.

A short time after the abortion, Ms. Percival felt a fluttering in her stomach, went to the doctor for a scan, and discovered she was 19 weeks pregnant. Another scan confirmed the baby also had kidney problems, but doctors told the couple the baby was likely to survive, so they decided he deserved another chance at life. In November Finley was born three weeks premature with minor kidney damage, but he is expected to lead a normal life.

Did You Know 
that Barack Hussein Obama, as an Illinois state senator, opposed and voted against legislation to protect babies who survived late-term abortions?

Never forget that YOU were once an embryo.

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