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May 23, 2008

25,000 abortions represent 25,000 crimes against humanity. The very thought of all those dead babies is cause for deep feelings of sadness and concern for what has happened to America's sense of decency and morality. However, that number does give us something to be thankful for because it represents success on the pro-life front. This is because the total number of abortions reported in Michigan in 2007 was 24,683, a 49.7% reduction from the high reached in 1987, according to the Detroit Free Press, 5/22/08.

Right to Life of Michigan's president, Barbara Listing, said of the report issued by the Michigan Department of Community Health, "We are extremely grateful. The fact that fewer women are having abortions in Michigan demonstrates more and more women are coming to the realization that abortion is not the answer to an unplanned pregnancy." The group's Lansing lobbyist, Ed Rivet, said abortions in Michigan have declined at a more rapid pace than pregnancy rates, and that there has been an especially sharp decline in abortions among minors, a trend he attributed to the state's adoption of parental consent rules for pregnant minors in the 1990s.

The increasing presence of pro-life television advertising is playing a key role in reducing the number of abortions in many states, of which Michigan is one. Another key factor among young people is the fact that for many of them, the very first photo in their baby album is their sonogram image, leaving no doubt that what resides in the womb is a real, live baby.

Yesterday, the Senate had a series of votes connected to the Supplemental Appropriations Bill, which is intended to provide funding for American soldiers abroad. Of particular interest was the "kitchen sink" domestic spending amendment that Senate Democrats desired to attach to this funding measure for our troops in the field. Among the many provisions in this large domestic spending portion is language that would essentially amend the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 which would allow Planned Parenthood and other contraceptive providers specifically on university and college campuses to buy drugs like Plan B ("Morning-After Pill") at a discount, allowing them to make a profit by selling them at a mark-up. (Much of this language is similar to S.2347, sponsored by Senator Obama)

Clearly, a provision to allow Planned Parenthood and similar groups to provide cheaply-priced contraceptives (or abortifacients like Plan B) to college students has no place being connected to a bill funding U.S. troops.

The overall "kitchen sink" domestic spending measure was approved by the Senate by a vote of 75-22. The roll call vote can be found here.

Obviously, the majority of Republicans in the Senate intend to persist in helping the Democrats spend our tax dollars on measures to which we are vigorously opposed and that will serve to increase the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among America's college students!

Never forget that YOU were once an embryo.

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