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August 7, 2009
Brownback-Landrieu Join Forces to Prevent Human-Animal Hybrids

On July 10, U.S. Senators Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Mary Landrieu (D-LA) introduced the Human-Animal Hybrid Prohibition Act of 2009, S.1435.

"This legislation works to ensure that our society recognizes the dignity and sacredness of human life," said Brownback. "Creating human-animal hybrids, which permanently alter the genetic makeup of an organism, will challenge the very definition of what it means to be human and is a violation of human dignity and a grave injustice."

The Act would ban the creation of human-animal hybrids, which are defined as those part-human, part-animal creatures, which are created in laboratories, and blur the line between species. The bill is modest in scope and only affects efforts to blur the genetic lines between animals and humans. It does not preclude the use of animals or humans in legitimate research or health care where genetic material is not passed on to future generations, such as the use of a porcine [pig] heart valve in a human patient or the use of a lab rat with human diseases to develop treatments.

"The issue is that when you make changes in the germ-line, such changes are passed along to one's offspring. You could make a change now that could be passed along through the gene-pool for the rest of humanity. We do not know what the full effect of this could be, and it could be disastrous."

Co-sponsors of the bill are: Jim Bunning (R-KY), Richard Burr (R-NC), Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), Tom Coburn (R-OK), Bob Corker (R-TN), John Cornyn (R-TX), Jim DeMint (R-SC), John Ensign (R-NV), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), James Inhofe (R-OK), Mike Johanns (R-NE), Jon Kyl (R-AR), Mel Martinez (R-FL), John McCain (R-AZ), James Risch (R-ID), John Thune (R-SD), David Vitter (R-LA), George Voinovich (R-OH), and Roger Wicker (R-MS).

[If evidence of the cultural degradation of our society is needed, the fact that this bill had to be filed provides it.]

Please ask your Senators to co-sponsor S.1435.

Gardasil Causes 400 Per Cent More Deaths Than Other Common Vaccine

Researchers with the Federal Vaccine Events Reporting System have reported that Gardasil, marketed by Merck and touted as a preventive against strains of human papillomavirus that cause cervical cancer, has a 400 per cent higher rate of adverse effects than another comparable vaccine, the Menactra anti-meningitis shot.

Gardasil is associated with twice as many emergency room visits, four times as many deaths, four times as many heart attacks, seven times as many "disabled" reports and fifteen times as many strokes when compared to Menactra, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. All reported cases of blood clots and heart attacks associated with Gardasil occurred when the vaccine was given alone, not in conjunction with other drugs.

Researchers compared Gardasil and Menactra because they are given to similar age groups at similar frequencies. Gardasil has been promoted for use by girls as young as nine years-old through national advertising campaigns.

The report recommends that the government more thoroughly investigate reports of dangerous side effects from the HPV vaccine and that parents be more adequately warned of the risks before vaccination.

It also recommends that Congress investigate how the vaccine was fast-tracked for approval in the absence of safety data on girls younger than 17. (Natural News, 7/29/09)

New York Taxpayers on the Hook for Egg Donations

New York State has decided to offer women up to $10,000 to donate their eggs for stem cell research. Taxpayers will foot the bill.

This comes as a result of Barack Obama's repeal of President Bush's prohibition on Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR) that involves the killing of human embryos. Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America, said that the move "treats women like commodities ." Women have something that researchers want to get their hands on, and now the government will pay for it.

Donor eggs are necessary for the generation of human embryos who are brought into existence so that they can be killed for their stem cells. Now that the Bush ban has been lifted, there is a tremendous demand for human eggs which are retrieved through a complicated and painful process.

Ms. Wright pointed out that, aside from ethical concerns, New York residents could find themselves "on the Hook" for medical costs if serious complications from egg extraction procedures occur. (FOXNews.com, 7/30/09)

Never forget that YOU were once an embryo.

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