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August 20, 2009
Gallup Poll — Conservatives Outnumber Liberals in All 50 States

A CNSNews report by Editor-in-Chief Terence Jeffrey (8/17/09) points out that in new data released by Gallup on August 15, 2009, conservatives outnumber liberals in all 50 states — including President Obama's home state of Illinois — even though Democrats have a significant advantage over Republicans in party identification in 30 states.

"Despite the Democratic Party's political strength — seen in its majority representation in Congress and in state houses across the country — more Americans consider themselves conservative than liberal," said Gallup's analysis.

"While Gallup polling has found this to be true at the national level over many years, and spanning recent Republican as well as Democratic presidential administrations, the present analysis confirms that the pattern also largely holds at the state level," said Gallup. "Conservatives outnumber liberals by statistically significant margins in 47 of the 50 states, with the two groups statistically tied . . ." in the three most liberal states, Hawaii, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

The continuing uprising of the American people against Obama and the Democrats' plan to re-structure American health care and indeed, society in general along European Socialist lines, may result in political realignment prior to the 2010 congressional elections so that those who describe themselves as "conservative" will swell Republican ranks and defeat enough Democrats to loosen their current, but hopefully short-lived stranglehold on the legislative process.

National Education Association Continues Pro-Abortion Stance

Every year, pro-life delegates to NEA's Representative Assembly introduce a measure proposing that the union retreat from its pro-abortion stance and instead take no official position on abortion. Currently, the union's Resolution I-16, first drafted in 1985 and unchanged since 1986, states:

The National Education Association supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom. The Association urges the government to give high priority to making available all methods of family planning to women and men unable to take advantage of private facilities. The Association also urges the implementation of community-operated, school-based family planning clinics that will provide intensive counseling by trained personnel."

The pro-life delegates' modest proposal usually takes the form of a New Business Item that would insert the phrase "with no position on abortion," after the phrase in support of family planning. This year, delegates introduced a similar motion as a bylaw amendment instead of as a New Business Item. This meant that the assembly voted on it by secret, written ballot instead of by voice vote. The proposal never previously received more than about 25% support by voice vote. When delegates were given the opportunity to privately cast their votes on the issue, however, an amazing 39.4% favored the abortion-neutral amendment. (Education Reporter, August 2009)

The teachers' union has been strongly pro-abortion ever since the Roe v. Wade decision, but the recent vote reflects at least some erosion of the liberal mindset among its membership.

New Anglican Province in North America Affirms Life

The newly formed Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) affirmed the sanctity of life in its founding documents during the new Church's Inaugural Provincial Assembly where more than 250 ordained and lay delegates ratified the Constitution and Canons that established the new Anglican Province.

Sections 4 and 5 of Canon 8 in Title II states, "God, and not man, is the Creator of human life. The unjustified taking of life is sinful. Therefore, from conception to natural death, all members and clergy are called to protect and respect the sanctity of every human life. The Church is called upon to show Christ-like compassion to those who have fallen into sin, encouraging them to repent and receive forgiveness, and offering the ministry of healing to all who suffer physically or emotionally as a result."

According to Georgette Forney, President of Anglicans for Life, "This is an historic event. While most mainline denominations uphold the right to abortion, the ACNA has chosen to boldly proclaim the right to life. We are looking forward to helping the 700 parishes of the new ACNA establish life-affirming outreach and ministry in their local communities. Anglicans for Life has the resources these Churches will need to uphold the sanctity of life and we're here to serve them."

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