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The Republican Party was founded on the principle that no human being should be considered the property of another.

February 26, 2010
TO: Friends of RNC for Life:

Twenty years ago, Phyllis Schlafly and I, along with some of our colleagues in the pro-life movement, started the Republican National Coalition for Life in response to the efforts of pro-abortion forces within the Republican Party to remove the pro-life Plank from the National Platform.

Since that time, at every National Convention, we along with thousands of RNC/Life supporters and others, succeeded in defeating their agenda. The Pro-Life Plank not only remains in the Platform, it is stronger today than it was when we started in 1990.

Our success has been, and will continue to be, the result of the work of pro-life activists who simply will not give up. Thank you for all you have done to help us fulfill our mission.

Today, I am writing to tell you that, effective March 1, 2010, I will resign my position as Executive Director of RNC/Life as I move forward into a new and happy phase of my life. RNC/Life will continue under Phyllis Schlafly's leadership. Applications to fill the position are being accepted. Interested parties may contact Phyllis by calling 314/721-1213 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Qualifications include a broad knowledge and understanding of the entire range of life issues and the history of the pro-life movement; hands-on experience in the political convention process from the precinct, county, and state levels; and strong writing skills.

Requests for information and publications or PAC inquiries, may be made by calling 618-462-5415.

I am deeply grateful to Phyllis for leading the way on the right to life issues within the Republican Party and for giving me the opportunity to work beside her these past 20 years.

The pro-life cause has been a big part of my life since 1973 and it, along with Eagle Forum, will remain my focus in a volunteer rather than professional capacity.

May God bless you all as you continue to stand tall for what is right and good.


Colleen Parro

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