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June 1, 2010
More June Primaries
Still more Primary Elections will be taking place this month. Do you know when YOUR state selects its Republican nominees for the November election? In addition to the ones listed in last week's Fax Notes, here are some other quickly approaching Primary dates:

June 8 — New Jersey, Arkansas runoff

June 22 — runoffs in South Carolina, Mississippi and North Carolina

Click here for a list of all the Primary Elections for the rest of the summer.

Oprah, Michael J. Fox learn that Adult Stem Cell Research Shows Promise
We all know someone who suffers from a condition that may one day be helped by the use of stem cells, and while pro-lifers are often portrayed as "heartless" because of our opposition to embryonic stem cell research which kills human embryos, the truth is that we all desperately want to see a cure for these ravaging diseases — just not at the expense of an innocent human life.

Though you wouldn't know it from the Main Stream Media's coverage, significant medical treatment advances have been made only from ADULT stem cells, not embryonic ones.

Recently, a very surprised Oprah and actor Michael J. Fox (who suffers from Parkinson's disease) learned from her guest and "superstar physician" Dr. Oz that embryonic stem cells will NOT be the cure for Fox and millions of others who suffer from the disabling condition. Rather, he pointed out, ADULT stem cell research will provide significant treatment advances within just a few years. Watch this amazing interview. Note the total shock that Fox and Oprah show as they hear the truth about stem cell research.

Promising Adult Stem Cell Research in Iowa
As the promise of cures for diseases such as Parkinson's, diabetes, etc. loom on the horizon of adult stem cell research, a new state-of-the-art facility in Iowa, the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute, is conducting exciting research into the future cures which will be the result of using adult stem cells. Use of adult stem cells presents no ethical issues, and, according to Kim Lehman of Iowa Right to Life and JP2SRI, adult cells are actually preferred medically as embryonic stem cells have been known to cause tumors. JP2SRI's mission focuses on developing therapies and diagnostic tools for treating diseases that may benefit from adult and umbilical cord-derived stem cells as well as to educate other scientists and the next generation of scientists in pro-life bioethics. Below is a link to an informative video about this exciting research. It is important to equip ourselves with the truth concerning the potential of adult stem cells and the lack of potential with embryonic ones so that we may be an informed and accurate part of the stem cell research discussion in which we find ourselves today. Video: JP2SRI

Super Bowl Ad Draws Millions, Saves At Least One Baby's Life
The controversial Super Bowl ad sponsored by Focus on the Family caused a lot of buzz prior to its broadcast with many pro-aborts urging CBS to drop it. But the "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life" ad did run, and though it wasn't "hard core" anti-abortion, it carried a powerful "reality" message about talented college quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother's courageous decision to carry him to term, despite medical complications.

During a mission trip to the Phillipines, Mrs. Pam Tebow came down with amoebic dysentery and slipped into a coma, requiring a treatment regimen that included strong antibiotics which can damage or kill an unborn child. Upon learning she was pregnant, doctors advised her to abort the baby, whom she and her husband had prayed for and already named Timothy, she told the Gainesville, Fla., Sun in 2007. She and her husband prayerfully disregarded that medical advice. Their son, Tim Tebow, grew up to be one of the greatest players in college football history - becoming the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy as the game's best player, being nominated as a Heisman finalist two other times, and helping lead the Florida Gators to two national titles in his four years at the university.

But just how powerful was the impact of that 30 second ad? Absolutely astronomical! FOF reports that nearly 100 million people watched the ad, and afterwards, more than 2.4 million people visited their website where behind-the-scenes of the video were featured.

Most importantly, at least one baby's life was saved as a result of this ad. A young mom wrote to FOF that Mrs. Tebow's story had touched her heart, and that after much reflection, she decided not to abort her child. What a testimony to the amazing power in just 30 seconds of truth! Read more.

Oklahoma Really is OK!
With its Republican-dominated legislative session ending last week, Oklahoma's pro-life legislators successfully overrode Democrat governor Brad Henry's veto of three important pro-life bills. The legislation included fully-informed consent for abortions, which would show a woman an untrasound picture of her unborn child; requiring a detailed questionnaire from each abortion to gather important data; and barriers to suing health care providers. We extend our thanks to those courageous GOP legislators.

Read more.

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