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Updated Nov. 15, 2004

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RNC/Life PAC Report - 2004 General Election Results
Republican National Coalition for Life PAC supports Republican candidates who are pro-life without discrimination and who will work to translate Republican pro-life platform principles into public policy and law. For your information, we have listed the Republican Congressional Candidates whose responses to the RNC/Life Questionnaire indicate they are faithfully pro-life, and do not justify abortion for babies who are conceived through rape or incest, have a handicap, or a genetic defect.

Politicians who justify the deliberate killing of an unborn baby hold a view that is inconsistent with the goal of the pro-life movement and the Republican National Platform which states in part: "The unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed." RNC/Life does not support candidates who hold such exceptions because to do so ensures that abortion will remain legal in America. The exception makes the rule. Please do what you can to educate your congressional candidates so they recognize their inconsistency. You can't claim to be pro-life and justify abortion at the same time.

Please do your own checking to determine the viability of a campaign. For instance, does the candidate have a strong campaign organization? Has he or she raised sufficient funds? Is the candidate credible and respected in the community? Hundreds of candidates are running for Congress. We can tell you how they stand on the right to life. The rest is up to you.

Candidate's Responses to the RNC/Life Candidate Questionnaire
  1. Pro-life without discrimination

  2. Does not accept the scientific fact that a human being comes into existence at conception.

  3. Does not believe that all innocent human beings, from conception until natural death, at every stage of development, deserve legal protection.

  4. Thinks a mother should have the legal right to an abortion if her baby
    1. was conceived through rape or incest;
    2. has a handicap;
    3. has a genetic defect.

  5. Disagrees with the Republican National Platform Pro-Life Plank in the following ways:
    1. Opposes its re-adoption in 2004;
    2. Opposes a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution;
    3. Opposes extension of 14th Amendment protection to the unborn;
    4. Opposes appointment of pro-life judges;
    5. Does not oppose using public revenues for abortion or organizations that advocate it;
    6. Does not oppose euthanasia;
    7. Does not oppose assisted suicide.

  6. Opposes re-adoption of the pro-life plank in the Republican National Platform.

  7. Does not think Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

A star Endorsed  by RNC/Life PAC
next to the name of a candidate indicates endorsement and/or financial support by RNC/Life PAC. 
won primary indicates candidate won primary election.

To quickly see the key, please select the number(s) at the end of a candidate's name.
   Last Updated: Nov. 15, 2004
U.S. Senate Jim Holt (1) won primary
CD-03 Rep. John Boozman (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-02 Rep. Wally Herger (Incumbent) (4a) won primary
CD-42 Gary G. Miller (4a) won primary
CD-04 Marilyn Musgrave (1) won primary Endorsed  by RNC/Life PAC
CD-10 Bob Beauprez (Incumbent) (1) won primary
U.S. Senate Mel Martinez (1) won primary 
CD-01 Jeff Miller (1) won primary
CD-06 Cliff Stearns (Incumbent) (1) won primary Endorsed  by RNC/Life PAC
CD-15 Dave Weldon (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-06 Tom Price (1) won primary
CD-08 Lynn Westmoreland (1) won primary
CD-09 Charlie Norwood (Incumbent) (4a)won primary
CD-11 Phil Gingry (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-06 Henry J. Hyde (1) incumbent won primary
CD-16 Rep. Don Manzullo (1) won primary
CD-18 Ray LaHood (1) incumbent won primary
CD-19 John Shimkus incumbent (1) won primary
CD-05 Steve King (1) won primary Endorsed  by RNC/Life PAC
U.S. Senate Jim Bunning incumbent (1) won primary
CD-04 Geoff Davis (1) won primary Endorsed  by RNC/Life PAC
U.S. Senate Sam Brownback (1) won primary
U.S. Senate Jim Bunning incumbent (1) won primary
CD-01 Bobby Jindal (1) won primary
CD-06Roscoe G. Bartlett (1) won primary Endorsed  by RNC/Life PAC
CD-04 Dave Camp (Incumbent) (4a) won primary
CD-08 Mike Rogers (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-09 Joe Knollenberg (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-10 Candice Miller (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-11 Thaddeus McCotter (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-01 Gil Gutnecht (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-06 Rep. Mark Kennedy (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-02Todd Akin (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-08Jo Ann Emerson (4a) won primary
CD-02 Lee Terry (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-04 Chris Smith (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-02 Steve Pearce (1) won primary
U.S. SenateRichard Burr (4a supports fetal tissue research) won primary 
CD-05 Virginia Foxx (1) won primary 
CD-08 Robin Hayes (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-09 Sue Myrick (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-10 Patrick McHenry (1) won primary Endorsed  by RNC/Life PAC 
U.S. Senate George Voinovich incumbent (4a Senator Voinovich conditions his endorsement of a human life amendment to the Constitution, support for overturning Roe v. Wade, and opposition to taxpayer funding of abortions, on the exclusion of babies conceived through rape or incest.)won primary
U.S. Senate Tom Coburn (1) won primary Endorsed  by RNC/Life PAC
CD-04Melissa Hart (Incumbent) (1) won primary
U.S. SenateJim DeMint (Incumbent) (1) won primary
CD-01Rep. Henry E. Brown, Jr. (Incumbent) (4a) won primary
CD-04Bob Inglis (4a) won primary
CD-07Marsha Blackburn (4a, b, c) won primary
CD-01 Louie Gohmert (4a) won primary
CD-02 Ted Poe (5b) won primary 
CD-04Ralph Hall incumbent (4a) won primary
CD-10 Michael McCaul (4a) won primary
CD-11Mike Conaway (1) won primary
CD-19Randy Neugebauer (1) won primary Endorsed  by RNC/Life PAC
CD-24Ken Marchant (1) won primary
CD-31 John Carter incumbent (1) won primary Endorsed  by RNC/Life PAC
CD-32Pete Sessions incumbent (1) won primary

Please contact us if you would like a copy of the RNC/Life Candidate Questionnaire or download it now.

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