Many ObamaCare Lawsuits Still Pending

July 10, 2012 Many ObamaCare Lawsuits Still Pending Even though “Obamatax” has been ruled Constitutional, the lawsuits are not over. There are still at least 23 pending, according to Mark Rienzi, senior counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty … Continue reading

The Court’s Pro-Abortion Decision

June 29, 2012 Thursday, in a shocking decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts sided with the four leftists on the court and held that while ObamaCare would be unconstitutional under the Constitution’s commerce clause, it is indeed … Continue reading

Stop the Abortion Mandate!

ObamaCare will mandate abortion coverage in all insurance policies. Cong. Chris Smith (R-NJ) has issued a news release detailing the $1.00 abortion coverage surcharge all insured persons will be charged, as well as the secrecy surrounding the surcharge required in … Continue reading