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Spring 2013
  • Many Human Rights Organizations Don't Promote Pre-born Human Rights
  • Is Organ Transplantation the Only or Even Best Treatment for Organ Failure?
  • Promoting the Sanctity of Life — One State Law at a Time

Winter 2012

  • Pro-Life Legislation Will Have to Come from the States
  • Are You A Fully Informed Organ Donor?
  • Passing Pro-Life Laws Is Only the Beginning!
  • Gender Selection: The Psychological Impac

Fall 2012

  • GOP Platform May Be "Best One Ever"
  • How and Why We Must Retake the U.S. Senate!
  • Adult Stem Cell Research: Both Effective and Ethical
  • Maximizing Your Financial Support

Summer 2012

  • Pro-AbortAdvocate: ". . . abortion stops a beating heart."
  • Gender Selection Abortions: The REAL War on (Pre-born) Women
  • Post Obamacare Ruling: What Happens Next?
  • Upcoming GOP Convention
  • Three Republican R's: Retain, Retake, Retire

Spring 2012

  • Sonograms: "Big Guns" of the Pro-Life Movement
  • Congressional Deadlock Blocks All Pro-Life Bills; Pro-Life Republican U.S. Senators Need Our Help!
  • Who Will The Republican Presidential Nominee Be?

Summer 2011

  • Which States Have Legislated For Life?
  • Should Down Syndrome Equal a Death Sentence?

March-April 2011

  • Republican State Legislatures Pass Many Pro-Life Bills
  • Planned Parenthood, Eugenics, & the Black Abortion Rate
  • Nebraska Fetal Pain Law and the Supreme Court

January-February 2011

  • Pro-Life Values To Be Reflected In New Congress
  • The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link: Time to Stop the Denial
  • Pro-Life Triumphs and Defeats Around The World

December 2010 Letter

October 2010

  • The Road to November . . . and Victory 2010!
  • Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Legal or Not?
  • But why not Adult Stem Cells?
  • "Ethics" Committees as Death Panels
  • Many Republican Pro-Life Women Running Thanks to Phyllis and Colleen for 20 years!

August 2010

  • Obama Appoints Health Care Rationing Advocate
  • Remember the Executive Order That Got Obamacare Passed?

Summer 2010

  • Farewell, Colleen! Hello, Dianne!

Summer 2009

  • Reading the Fine Print in the Health Care Bill

Spring 2009

  • Obama Sends Avalanche Of Anti-Life Actions

December 2008

  • New President, More Abortions

Fall 2008

  • Mission Accomplished!

Summer 2008

  • Barack Obama and the 'Comfort Room'

Spring 2008

  • Countdown To Convention 2008

Winter 2008

  • John McCain Will Head Republican Ticket

Fall 2007

  • What Can A Pro-Life President Do To Protect Life?
  • 2008 Presidential Candidates' Positions on Life Issues

Summer 2007

  • The Candidates — Where Do They Stand?

Spring 2007

  • E.R.A. — R.I.P.?
  • Ginsburg — Holding on to Roe v. Wade

Winter 2007

  • Will the Republican Nominee Respect Us in the Morning?
  • 2008 Presidential Candidates' Positions on Life Issues

Spring 2006

  • 2008 LOOMS AHEAD
  • "If Rudy is Talking Jesus, He's Going to Run"
  • Mitt Romney on Abortion
  • John McCain Seeking Republican Nomination
  • George Allen on the Life Issues
  • Senator Bill Frist Has Never Been Pro-Life

Fall 2005

  • Federal Bill Threatens Pro-Life and Pro-Family Values
  • The Human Embryo
  • 2006 Congressional Election Cycle Has Begun
  • United States Exports Aborted Babies for New Zealand Experiments
  • Long-Time Friend of Life Returns to Capitol Hill
  • Pro-Life CD Library Now Available

Summer 2005

  • On Human Embryos and Clones
  • International
  • Could Honest Polling Have Saved Terri Schiavo?
  • The Courts
  • The GOP
  • Abortion — A Personal Reflection

Spring 2005

  • Senator Brownback Speaks Out On The Value Of Human Life
  • Pope John Paul and the Culture of Life
  • Spinal Cord Injuries Treated With NON-Embryonic Stem Cells

Fall 2004

  • How the Republican National Platform Has Remained Pro-Life

June 2004

  • Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation

March/April 2004

  • Ashcroft Stands Up To Abortionists
  • Pro-Abortion Repubicans Block Bush Judicial Nominee
  • JUDICIAL DICTATORSHIP: How the Courts Have Usurped Our Liberties

January/February 2004

  • Candidates Must Have Consistent Pro-Life Views
  • Convention Resolutions and National Delegate Selection
  • RNC/Life Political Action Committee (PAC) Report Now Available

November/December 2003

  • Life — Prosperity — and the Constitution
  • State Watch — Texas
  • Merry Christmas
  • International

September/October 2003

  • Healing the Human Heart
  • Pro-Life State Watch
  • 2004 Republican National Convention a Target for Radicals
  • UK's Tiniest Baby Unveiled
  • "Dr. Death" Runs for President

May/June 2003

  • Another Souper Candidate?
  • Are Republicans in the "Trickery" Business?
  • Florida Governor Seeks Guardian For Unborn Child of Rape Victim

March/April 2003

  • Will Congress Ban Human Cloning?
  • Weldon/Stupak Cloning Ban Passes House

January/February 2003

  • Untangling The Ribbons of Life
  • Beyond 2003... Respect For The Human Embryo Will Determine The Fate of Humanity
  • State Watch

September/October 2002 Priscilla Owen's Rejection Says More About Al Gonzales Than It Does About Her

  • State Watch
  • Abortion Non­Discrimination Act Passes House

July/August 2002

  • Does the Abortion Industry Conceal Evidence of Sexual Predators?

May/June 2002

  • Senator Hatch Abandons Pro-Life Image
  • Hatch Decision Reflects Close Ties to Biotech Industry
  • State Watch
  • Daschle Again Postpones Cloning Ban Debate
  • Suspected Sexual Abuse of Minors Must Be Reported

March/April 2002

  • "Pro-Life With Exceptions" - A Contradiction in Terms
  • SCHIP Comments Needed Now
  • Pro-Abortion Fundraiser Rubber-Stamped by RNC
  • Anticipation Grows Over Adult Stem Cell Discovery In Minnesota
  • Find Out Who the Pro-Life Candidates Are
  • They Don't Know What They Are Talking About!

January/February 2002

  • Pro-Life Heroine Seeking Seat in Illinois Legislature
  • U.S. Congress — Humans Take Back Seat to Endangered Species
  • Abortion/Breast Cancer
  • Susan G. Komen Foundation Funds Planned Parenthood
  • State Watch - Michigan - Colorado - Florida

September/October 2001

  • Bush Policy Forces Taxpayers
    Into Cooperation With Killing Human Embryos
  • The Fallout
  • Killing Embryonic Human Beings Should Be Illegal in America!

July/August 2001

  • Armey, DeLay and Watts Appeal to President Bush on Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  • Where The Rubber Meets The Road ­Cloning On The Horizon
  • Pro-Life State Watch

May/June 2001

  • Stem Cells In Plentiful Supply
  • Biomedical Discoveries Cause Ethical Dilemmas
  • State Watch
  • The Right to Life ­ A Practical Matter

March/April 2001

  • The Future is Now
  • A few news items from the first month of 2001
  • Human Cloning ­ Will It Happen?
  • Genetic Screening is Happening Now
  • "Choose Life" License Plates Proposed in Texas
  • Fertilized Eggs Don't Implant

January/February 2001

  • Bush is President — What Next?
  • Transition Watch

September/October 2000

  • Philadelphia 2000 The Republican National Convention - WE WON!
  • Pro-Abortion Lobby Defeated One More Time!
  • Celebrate Life - Philadelphia 2000 - Union League Club of Philadelphia

July/August 2000

  • What the Pro-Life Plank Is All About
  • Republican Pro-Choice Coalition Honors Abortionist

May/June 2000

  • The Vice Presidency: Does It Matter?
  • Why Tom Ridge Is Unacceptable For Vice President
  • PRO-LIFE State Watch

March/April 2000

  • Texas Supreme Court Undermines Parental Notification Law
  • Bush Wraps Up Republican Nomination - What Next?
  • Abortion Lobby Targets Pro-Life Plank - One More Time!
  • Minnesota Legislators Say No to Honoring Justice Blackmun

January 2000

  • Countdown to Convention 2000
  • Governors to Claim Major Role in Writing National Platform
  • What you Should Know Before You Vote for National Delegates

December 1999

  • House Votes to Hold Hearings on Trafficking
    in Baby Bodies and Organs
  • Polls a Substitute for Thought
  • The Price of Electing RINOs
  • Pro-Life State Watch
  • Zogby Poll Shows Pro-Life Support Growing

September/October 1999

  • Just Business
  • A Ghoulish Request
  • Something Old, Something New

July/August 1999

  • Research Debate Tackles New World Some Dare Not Brave
  • Pro-Life State Watch
  • Bob Smith Delivers Wake-Up Call
  • RNC/Life PAC Reports Pro-Life Victory in LA-1

May/June 1999

  • Senator Bob Smith Looks at Independent Bid
  • Bauer Challenges Bush on the Right to Life
  • Pat Buchanan Runs Pro-Life Campaign

March/April 1999

    All Claim to be "Pro-Life" But Who Deserves the Label?

January/February 1999

  • The Right to Life is Not About Surgical Abortion Alone
  • Elizabeth Dole to Run for President?

November/December 1998

  • '98 Congressional Election Review
  • 1998 Ballot Initiatives
  • RNC/Life Political Action Committee Report
  • State Watch
  • Pro-Life Democrats Elected
  • Christmas - The season of Hope

September/October 1998

  • Victorious Linda Smith to Challenge Senator Patty Murray!
  • Mondale Liberal Heads Republican Leadership Council
  • More State Parties Adopt Lambert Resolution
  • State Watch
  • Pro-Life Teachers Take On The NEA
  • Will Congress Move to Stop Human Cloning Experiments?

July/August 1998

  • Republican Party of Texas Celebrates Life
  • RNC/Life Introduces 2000 Family Voter Pledge
  • Texas Delegates Demand Accountability
  • Politics '98
  • Dornan Wins Primary Despite Gingrich/Bono Efforts
  • State Watch

May/June 1998

  • State Watch
    Beware of Phony "Cloning Ban" Legislation
  • Kansas GOP Chairman Opposes Pro-Abortion Governor
  • March/May Republican Primaries Yield 100% Pro-Life Winners
  • Support Child Custody Protection Act
  • Title X and International Population Control Are Top Priorities
  • Texas GOP Hosts Gigantic Baby Shower

Mar/April 1998

  • Republicans Mixing It Up
  • Illinois Republicans Choose Pro-Life Nominee for U.S. Senate Race
  • Texas GOP Leaders Pass Lambert Resolution
  • Dr. James Dobson Considers Leaving Republican Party
  • What Happened in California - 22
  • Pro-Life State Watch

Jan/Feb 1998

  • 25 Years of Roe v. Wade
  • RNC Talks the Talk But Won't Walk the Walk
  • Palm Springs, January 16, 1998
  • Governors Issue Proclamations Declaring January
    1998 a "Month of Prayer to End Abortion"

Nov/Dec 1997

  • We Give Thanks
  • Pro-Life State Watch - ELECTION 97
  • What the Pundits are Saying About Whitman's Close Call
  • Mississippi Governor Marks 25th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Sept/Oct 1997

  • Senator Jesse Helms: A Lesson in Principled Leadership
  • Paul Amendment Draws Better-Than- Expected Support
  • Congress Refuses to Protect Children from Child Molesters
  • Baby Has No Parents
  • Pro-Life State Watch
  • Genetic Testing Threatens Unborn Babies

July/August 1997

  • Pro-Life Republicans Are Winners With the Voters
  • Pro-Life Senator Wins Virginia Primary for Attorney General
  • NJ Governor Whitman Vetoes Partial Birth Abortion Ban
  • Pro-Life State Watch
  • Major Denominations Oppose Human Cloning Experiments
  • RNC/Life Welcomes Newest Board Member

May/June 1997

  • Pro-Abortion Republicans Organize For 1998-2000
  • RNC/Life PAC A Way To Help Truly Pro-Life Candidates
  • Texas State Senator Censured by Republican Party
  • A Vote for 'MFN' is a Vote Against Life and Liberty

March/April 1997

  • 44 House Republicans Cast First Pro-Abortion Vote of the 105th Congress
  • Eleven Republican Senators Vote With Clinton On International Population Control Funding
  • Conservative Coalition Defeats Northeastern Establishment for RNC Chairmanship
  • State Watch
  • Cloning of Humans Should Be A Criminal Offense

January/February 1997

  • Respect For Life A Plus For Republican Candidates
  • Pollsters and Pundits - Reflections on the 1996 Election
  • Selection of RNC Chairman Will Send Strong Signal
  • Candidates for Chairman of the Republican National Committee
  • Candidates for Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee
  • State Watch
  • Wirthlin Polls Voters on Pro-Life Plank

November/December 1996

  • Pro-Lifers Win Despite Dole Loss
  • Colleen Parro Receives "Defender Of Life" Award
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
    The 105th Congress: Time for Accountability
  • Reagan Democrats Uninspired by Dole/Kemp
  • RNC/Life PAC Helps Send Winners to Congress
  • New Jersey Pro-Lifers Send A Message
  • Canadian Leader Promotes Human Life Amendment
  • Senate Republicans Ignore Platform on Judicial Appointments
  • Texas Already Outlaws Partial Birth Abortion:
    19th Century Law Has No Loopholes

July/August 1996

May/June 1996

  • Dr. Dobson Champions Pro-Life Platform Plank
  • Ralph Reed Issues Warning to Dole
  • Will Pat Buchanan Be Allowed to Speak to the Republican National Convention?
  • Bob Dole Cites "Political Reality" Over Principle On Abortion
  • Wilson Continues Efforts to Remove Pro-Life Plank
  • Hutchison Unacceptable as Vice President
  • Whitman To Push Pro-Choice Views At Convention
  • Pro-Life Californians Upset With Lungren

March/April 1996

  • Alabama Leads The Way
  • Nevada Republicans Organize for RNC/Life
  • Kansas GOP Endorses Pro-Life Plank Again!

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