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A Publication of the Republican National Coalition for Life Nov/Dec 1996 - No. 13

Pro-Lifers Win
Despite Dole Loss

Some re-counts are still underway as this Report goes to press, but results of the 1996 congressional elections thus far should be very gratifying to pro-life Americans. While Bob Dole, the defeated Republican presidential nominee, ran an ineffective and lackluster campaign that had been sanitized against real concern about the issues people care about, pro-life candidates for Congress who ran on the issues and stood strongly for the pro-life principles in the Republican Platform, won.

Most pro-life incumbents were re-elected, including many who were targeted for defeat by the big labor unions. Tom Coburn (R-OK), an obstetrician/gynecologist who is an articulate, effective spokesman for the cause of life in the House, held on to his seat despite an incredible attack from the left in what is largely a Democrat district.

In the House of Representatives, many Republican challengers unseated pro-abortion incumbents, among them RNC/Life supporter Mike Pappas who won election to the seat vacated by Dick Zimmer in the 12th district of New Jersey. We expect Mike to take an active role in pursuit of legal protection for unborn babies.

Several pro-abortion U.S. Senators were defeated, resulting in a net gain of 2 (3 if Woody Jenkins wins in Louisiana after the re-count) pro-life seats.

Both the House and Senate retained a pro-life majority, and pro-life Republican candidates fared very well despite the poor Dole campaign.

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Colleen Parro Receives "Defender Of Life" Award
Bill Price and Colleen Parro Each year at its annual banquet. Texans United For Life presents the "Defender of Life" award "in recognition of outstanding commitment and service to the pro-life cause." This year, the award was presented to RNC/Life director Colleen Parro. In presenting the award, Bill Price, the president of TUL, said, " ... perhaps the highest tribute I can give her is to simply tell you that, throughout our work in politics on behalf of the babies, she has never once compromised or wavered in the face of pressure. No matter the situation, she has always been pro-life first. Always." Colleen, one of the 1974 founders of TUL, accepted the award with deep gratitude, telling the 1,000 banquet attendees, "I believe that, if we are faithful, God will deliver the victory. Never, never give up!"

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Where Do We Go From Here?
The 105th Congress: Time for Accountability

"He who molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions. He makes statutes and decisions possible or impossible to be executed."
Abraham Lincoln
Now that the 1996 election cycle is over, let us remember that, no matter what the outcome, it is we, the molders of public sentiment - local, state and national opinion leaders - who have the ability and the power to shape policy. We are not beholden to party officials or donors. As Republican pro-life activists, we have worked hard to keep the Republican National Platform pro-life, and we have succeeded. Now, we have a responsibility to work just as hard to cause those pro-life platform principles to be translated into public policy. We are the ones who can make "statutes and decisions possible or impossible to be executed." How? Through holding Republican office holders accountable.

Bill Clinton's pro-abortion initiatives must be vigorously resisted. We will urge pro-life Republicans in Congress, working together with pro-life Democrats, to move forward with hearings on when life begins. We want pro-life Republicans to insist that the FDA require the manufacturers of RU-486 to warn potential users of the chemical abortion drug of the increased risk of breast cancer among women who have abortions. We should take the next step in the partial-birth abortion debate by holding hearings on all third trimester abortion procedures so that ultimately they will be banned and some lives actually saved. Clinton's re-election makes it imperative that these initiatives must be pursued.

Even though Republicans kept control of Congress, it is our job to hold them accountable. We must work with them to encourage strong, pro-life advocacy. We will let them know what we expect and publicize their response. We will not allow compromise with the culture of death.

At the state level, there is tremendous opportunity for pro-life legislation. Informed consent laws that include notification of the abortion-breast cancer link are in the works in many state legislatures. Many states still do not have parental consent laws. We can change that in 1997. Abortion clinic regulation is at the top of the list in many states.

The pro-life plank in the Republican National Platform is the standard by which we will measure Republican candidates, officeholders and legislation in 1997.

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Reagan Democrats Uninspired by Dole/Kemp

Gary Bauer calls "the most depressing figures of the election the vote of so-called Reagan Democrats in key counties across America. These are the voters who were moved to bolt the Democratic party in the 80s because of values issues -- abortion, homosexual rights, religious liberty, etc. This year, those issues weren't raised in any meaningful way by Dole/Kemp. Republicans paid a terrible price.

"In South Philadelphia, Ronald Reagan got 162,000 votes in 1984. Even Bush got 107,000 in 1992. Dole received just 92,000. In Cleveland, Reagan got 283,000 in '84. Bush, 242,000 in '88, but Dole received only 159,000. In a suburban Detroit swing district where Reagan beat Mondale two to one, Dole lost 152,000 to 120,000. " (American Renewal, Washington Update, 11/07/96)

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RNC/Life PAC Helps
Send Winners to

RNC/Life Political Action Committee worked hard to raise money and getting out the vote for pro-life Republican candidates who answered the RNC/Life Candidate Questionnaire correctly. Our supporters helped us raise approximately $175,000 which we used to back worthy incumbents who were fighting for their political lives against massive infusions of money by the liberals and labor unions. In addition, we supported pro-life challengers who courageously battled to unseat pro-abortion members of Congress, many of whom won their races. Here are a few examples:

COLORADO - Former Congressman Wayne Allard is the new pro-life Senator from Colorado, replacing retiring pro-abortion Hank Brown. Bob Schaffer, a staunch pro-life state senator, won the day in House District 4.

ILLINOIS - Pro-life John Shimkus (IL-20) won the seat vacated by pro-abortion Dick Durbin.

KENTUCKY - The pro-life cause needs a strong woman in Congress who is articulate and willing to stand up for her beliefs. We believe that Ann Northup (KY-3) will fit that description.

MISSOURI - Pro-life conservative Republican Kenny Hulshof (MO-9) replaced pro-life liberal Democrat Harold Volkmer.

NEBRASKA - Another strongly pro-life Senator, Chuck Hagel, helps to increase pro-fife support in the U.S. Senate.

NEW JERSEY - Expect pro-life leadership from Mike Pappas (NJ-12). Mike is the kind of public official we wish we had in every district. As a New Jersey Freeholder, Mike has a record of executing the duties of his office efficiently and fairly and at the same time publicly advocating protection for unborn babies. We are proud to have him in Congress.

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New Jersey Pro-Lifers Send A Message

The race for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Senator Bill Bradley of New Jersey saw two strongly pro- abortion Congressmen pitted against each other. The Republican, former Congressman from New Jersey's 12th district, Dick Zimmer, supports Clinton-style abortion policy, as did his opponent, former Congressman Robert Torricelli (NJ-9). Zimmer was backed by pro-abortion Governor Christine Todd Whitman. New Jersey Right to Life Committee, and other pro-fife, pro-family organizations launched massive mail, literature drops and telephone campaigns to inform their members either not to vote in the Senate race or to choose a third-party candidate. They pointed out that both Zimmer and Torricelli were unqualified to serve in the Senate, given their extreme, anti-life records and liberal social agendas.

Whitman's protege', Zimmer, was soundly defeated by Torricelli. In addition, Zimmer's congressional seat was taken by pro-life Freeholder Mike Pappas, adding to Whitman's embarrassment.

After the election, New Jersey Right to Life Committee, Inc. issued a news release saying, "It is apparent that, when given a clear choice between a 'real' conservative and a 'real' liberal, New Jersey voters choose the conservative. When given the choice of a 'real' liberal or a 'liberal-lite', the real liberal wins."

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Vermont GOP Adopts Pro-Life Platform

The Vermont Republican Party for the first time has adopted a platform that opposes abortion. The plank calls for "protecting all innocent human life - the sick, the elderly, the handicapped, and the pre-born, as they are our future." The platform also has language opposing late-term abortions and physician-assisted suicide. Vermont conservatives say the language is "just one example of a growing conservative movement in Vermont." (Burlington Free Press, 10/27/96)

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Canadian Leader
Promotes Human Life

Abortion burst onto the Canadian scene with the embrace by Canada's Reform Party Leader Preston Manning of a constitutional amendment to protect the rights of prenatal children. Mr. Manning declared his position in response to a question from the audience during a breakfast meeting in Chilliwack, British Columbia. His statement is stimulating controversy within the party, but his comment appeared to be well reasoned. Simply outlawing abortion statutorily, he suggested, could be overturned judicially; a constitutional amendment would stand. (Life Advocacy Briefing #105,11/04/96)

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Senate Republicans
Ignore Platform on
Judicial Appointments

For many years, the Republican Party Platform has said: "We support the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of human life." In a recent memo, RNC/Life Board Republican National Committeeman from Virginia, points to some startling information. "Since July 10th, 1996, the Republican-led United States Senate has confirmed 17 liberal, activist U.S. District Court judges nominated by President Clinton. To date, the Senate has confirmed more judges under President Clinton than were confirmed during either President Reagan's first term or President Bush's four years." However, 13 judicial candidates who cleared the Judiciary Committee remained unconfirmed upon Senate adjournment. According to the Washington Post, 10/7/96, "Democrats are angry that Senate Republicans refused to confirm any more judges at least until after the election. That means the 13 will have to be renominated." Now that Clinton has been re-elected, Senate action on judicial appointments will be watched very closely by RNC/Life. Majority Leader Trent Lott and all Republican Senators need to hear from us that they should refuse to confirm Clinton's nominees for the federal bench or risk losing their credibility among their pro-life constituents. After all, Clinton has said he does have a litmus test for judges -- they must be pro-abortion.

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Texas Already Outlaws Partial Birth Abortion:
19th Century Law Has No Loopholes

The Texas Right to Life Committee is launching a campaign to inform the public of the recently discovered and little-known fact that partial-birth abortions are illegal in Texas. In 1974 the Texas Attorney General issued an opinion that the law, established in the 19th Century, was unaffected by Roe vs. Wade. Texas is the only state with such a law which states, "Whoever shall during parturition [that is, the process of giving birth] of the mother destroy the vitality or life of a child in a state of being born and before actual birth, which child would otherwise have been born alive, shall be confined in the penitentiary for life or not less than five years." TRLC estimates, based on public information, that as many as 2,000 baby Texans will die from partial-birth abortions this year alone. The organization will consider asking the legislature to take action next session if the campaign does not generate sufficient awareness to halt use of the procedure in Texas. (Lone Star Report, 10/07/96)

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