Which candidates are pro-life?

A Publication of the Republican National Coalition for Life Mar/Apr 1997 - No. 15

44 House Republicans Cast First Pro-Abortion Vote of the 105th Congress

Tax Dollars To Go To Population Control
Groups Active in Abortion

"We oppose using public revenues for abortion and will not fund organizations which advocate it." The Republican National Platform, 1996

The next time you consider writing a check to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Republican Senatorial Committee or the Republican National Committee, remember the names of the Republican Members of Congress listed below. These people voted with Bill Clinton to continue his policy of using our hard-earned tax money to fund organizations like the International Planned Parenthood Federation that perform and promote abortion and abortifacient birth control measures around the world.

With the exception of those who choose not to run again, these Republicans will be among the incumbents to whose campaigns your money will be sent. Some of them had pro-life primary opponents in the last election. A few courageous pro-life Congressmen endeavored to help them, only to be severely reprimanded and publicly humiliated by the Republican House leadership for opposing an incumbent.

If the right to life and the dignity of the human person really mattered to us, then we must get serious about electing more people who feel as we do to Congress. That means recruiting truly pro-life candidates to run in Republican primaries and, instead of writing checks to the RNC, NRCC, and RSC, sending our money directly to pro-life candidates. Lawmakers who have little regard for the sanctity of life should be retired.

The Republicans Who Voted With Bill Clinton on February 13, 1997 are: Bass (NH), Bereuter (NE), Bilbray (CA), Boehlert (NY), Campbell (CA), Castle (DE), Davis (VA), Dunn (WA), Ehrlich (MD), Fawell (IL), Foley (FL), Fowler (FL), Fox (PA), Franks (NJ), Frelinghuysen (NJ), Ganske (IA), Gekas (PA), Gibbons (NV), Gilchrest (MD), Gilman (NY), Greenwood (PA), Hobson (OH), Horn (CA), Houghton (NY), Johnson (CT), Kelly (NY), Klug (WI), Kolbe (AZ), Lazio (NY), Leach (IA), Lewis (CA), Miller (FL), Molinari (NY), Morella (MD), Porter (IL), Pryce (OH), Ramstad (MN), Regula (OH), Roukema (NJ), Schiff (NM), Shaw (FL), Shays (CT), Thomas (CA), and Upton (MI).

Eleven Republican Senators Vote With Clinton On International Population Control Funding

On February 26, eleven Republican Senators helped President Clinton get his way by voting with pro-abortion Democrats for HJR 36, releasing hundreds of millions of our tax dollars for population control programs run by International Planned Parenthood Federation and other "family planning" organizations that promote and perform abortions around the world. The eleven Republicans are: Campbell (CO), Chafee (RI), Collins (ME), *Gregg (NH), Jeffords (VT), Roth (DE), **Smith (OR), Snowe (ME), Specter (PA), Stevens (AK), and Warner (VA).

* Senator Judd Gregg (NH) has always been known to be pro-life. Why he voted with Clinton remains a mystery.

** Senator Gordon Smith (OR) was supported financially by some pro-life PAC's both in Oregon and at the national level, despite statements by him that cast doubt on his commitment to the unborn. Pro-life grassroots workers ignored their doubts and played a major role in his campaign, hoping that he would vote pro-life once he was elected. This vote on HJR 36 was the first vote on abortion of the 105th Congress and Senator Smith cast a pro-abortion vote.

Conservative Coalition Defeats Northeastern Establishment for RNC Chairmanship

Jim Nicholson, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, was elected chairman of the Republican National Committee on January 17. Texas State Chairman Tom Pauken, Ohio State Chairman Bob Bennett, and Michigan National Committeeman Chuck Yob, all profile candidates threw their support to him on the fifth ballot.

Neither former New Hampshire Governor Steve Merrill, who was backed by many Republican Governors and Washington-based political consultants, or David Norcross, General Counsel of the RNC and a pro-abortion-choice confidant of New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, was able to muster the 83 votes necessary to win and neither would agree to support the other.

Pro-life conservatives formed a coalition that gave Nicholson 74 votes on the fifth ballot. Jim Nicholson is a Colorado developer, a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, a Vietnam veteran, and a 10 year member of the Republican National Committee. He is a Roman Catholic and personally pro-life.

The January 17 issue of Human Events quotes Nicholson in an interview as saying if elected he will work with pro-life Republicans to preserve the Reagan pro-life plank in the party platform. "I'm pro-life," said Nicholson. "I believe in the plank." On the other hand, conversations with pro-life Republican activists in Colorado reveal a state chairman who has been reluctant to address the life issues. A Colorado RNC/Life supporter says that Nicholson told her that while he is pro-life, he doesn't think abortion belongs in politics because it is "so divisive." So, the question now is, to what extent wiII the sanctity of life and the moral and cultural breakdown in America be

... to what extent will the sanctity of life and the moral and cultural breakdown in America be addressed by the Republican Party leadership under Mr. Nicholson's direction? Will these fundamental questions have equal status with those of a strong national defense, the economy, trade, and international relations, or will we continue to have "business as usual"?
addressed by the Republican Party leadership under Mr. Nicholson's direction? Will these fundamental questions have equal status with those of a strong national defense, the economy, trade, and international relations, or will we continue to have "business as usual" We wish Mr. Nicholson well. Stay tuned!

Pro-Life State Watch
ARKANSAS: Governor Mike Huckabee led a march for life through downtown Little Rock on January 19. Mr. Huckabee was the first Arkansas Governor to participate in the 14 block march, sponsored by Arkansas Right to Life.

MISSISSIPPI: Governor Kirk Fordice proclaimed the week of January 16-22, 1997, the "Week of Prayer to End Abortion." His proclamation read, "Therefore let us pray that the hearts of mothers and fathers will be turned to their children, born and unborn; that churches in Mississippi will continue to respond appropriately to those considering abortion by offering loving alternatives to women in crisis; that government officials will continue to do all possible to protect the lives of the unborn, and, that those to whom God has given the gift of healing use that gift not to destroy lives, but to save them."

TEXAS: In his State of the State address, Governor George W. Bush announced his support of a bill requiring parental consent before a minor may obtain an abortion. He was applauded by visitors when he said, "I hope you will help me discourage abortions in Texas by encouraging adoption, by sending a strong abstinence message to our children and by approving a parental consent law."

Texas Poll: 73 % Support
Parental Notification - 53%
Believe Life Begins at Conception

With the Texas Legislature poised to debate the issue, Texans over-whelmingly favor a law requiring parents to be notified before their daughters under age 18 get an abortion, a new statewide poll shows. The poll was conducted Feb. 3-15 for Harte-Hanks Communications Inc. by the office of Survey Research of the University of Texas. The poll revealed that 73% of Texans favor passage of a parental notification bill, 76% favor a law requiring women seeking an abortion to be counseled on alternatives to abortion and 53% of those polled believe that life begins at conception. (The Dallas Morning News, 3/3/97) Two bills have been introduced in the Texas Legislature. One calls for parental notification and the other calls for notification and consent. Three Texas polls since 1995 showed that at least 70% of those surveyed favored parental notification or consent.

ALASKA: Pete Hallgren, Chairman of the Republican Party of Alaska and Mayor of Sitka, reports that Sitka Community Hospital has decided to stop performing elective abortions because hospital staff members have refused to participate in them. A state law forbids elective abortions at hospitals where staff doesn't want to do them. Sitka Community was one of only two hospitals in the state that performed elective abortions.

NEW JERSEY: Steve Forbes Urged to Help New Jersey Right to Life Pass PBA Legislation
Marie Tasy, director of public and legislative affairs for New Jersey Right to Life, issued a statement on March 4, 1997, asking Steve Forbes to call on his long-standing friend and colleague, Governor Christine Todd Whitman who is outspokenly pro-abortion, to support passage of a state ban on partial birth abortions. Mr. Forbes recently announced efforts by Americans for Hope, Growth and Opportunity, an organization headquartered in New Jersey that he heads, to promote passage of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act in the U.S. Congress. Mrs. Tasy pointed out that "Shamefully New Jersey is the leading provider of partial birth abortions in the nation with 1,500 being performed in one clinic in Engelwood per year. Even more abhorrent is the fact that the majority are funded with our tax dollars."

Cloning of Humans Should Be A Criminal Offense
Congress Must Act Immediately
The news of the successful cloning of a sheep in Scotland is both shocking and thought provoking but most of all it is frightening because it raises the spectre that the same technology could be used to create human clones.

In 1989 the European Parliament criminalized the cloning of humans. England has a law against it as do other countries. But, in the United States, we have just begun to fast-forward into into the realization that some pretty strange things are happening - indeed, have been happening for some years. Things like harvesting fetal tissue for dubious scientific purposes, and experimentation on human embryos, to say nothing of creating human beings in laboratory petri dishes for "use" in in-vitro fertilization or to be discarded and destroyed by their "owners." In 1994, the majority of the members of a National Institutes of Health panel on bioethics recommended that we allow the creation of human embryos for the sole purpose of experimenting on them. They were overruled when President Clinton, responding to public pressure, issued an executive order forbidding the practice. Why, just a few years ago, a couple whose child was in danger of death and needed an organ transplant, conceived and bore a baby for the purpose of harvesting the needed organ.

In a society where human life has been cheapened beyond what anyone could have imagined 20 years ago, we cannot afford to relinquish responsibility for the fate of humanity to scientists. That is why we must urge our Congressmen and Senators to act NOW to make the cloning of humans a crime.

The Vatican condemned human cloning in a 1987 document, "Donum Vitae". Bishop Elio Sgreccia, the Vatican's leading expert on medical ethics said in a written statement on February 26, "If there is a tendency toward applying this procedure to humans, it needs to be immediately remembered that cloning of humans is prohibited by international documents and various national laws." Bishop Sgreccia went on to say that human dignity would be diminished in cloning, because humans would be generated with a bio-technological method of replication. He said "The principle of human equality would not allow such a total domination over the human being, who would be manufactured and reproduced." One of the great fears of human cloning has been its potential use in creating a "super race" of people with specific characteristics. (Catholic News Service, 2/26/97) In addition, the potential for "manufacturing" humans for use in scientific experiments is very real.

To those who say "it can't happen", we say - it is better to be safe than sorry. Our Congressmen and Senators need to hear from us NOW! We expect them to make experiments in human cloning a criminal activity with severe penalties including imprisonment, serious fines and loss of professional licenses.

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