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A Publication of the Republican National Coalition for Life May/June 1998 - No. 22

Pro-Life State Watch

California - Mary Bono Casts First Pro-Abortion Vote
Newly elected Congresswoman Mary Bono cast her first pro-abortion vote on May 21, 1998, on an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill (H.R. 3616), to repeal the ban on the performance of abortions (with the unfortunate exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother) on U.S. military bases. The measure, offered by pro-abortion Democrats Nita Lowey (NY) and Jane Harman (CA), was defeated 232 - 190. In a special election held on April 7, voters in California's 44th District elected Mrs. Bono, widow of late Congressman Sonny Bono, who was killed in a skiing accident. Despite her pro-abortion-choice philosophy, Mrs. Bono enjoyed the support of the entire Republican leadership, including such staunch pro-lifers as Congressman John Doolittle (CA), in her pursuit of the seat. Once again, the pro-life team in Congress drafted a player whom they knew in advance would get on the field and throw the ball to the other side.

Nebraska - GOP Passes Lambert Resolution
The Republican Party State Central Committee of Nebraska, led by pro-life Party chairman Chuck Sigerson, on April 18 approved a resolution stating that any candidate campaigning on a platform that supports allowing doctors to perform the late-term abortion procedure will not be backed by the state GOP The Nebraska resolution adds to the growing list of state Republican committees that have passed the Lambert Resolution, which was opposed by national Party leaders when it was offered at the January meeting of the Republican National Committee in Palm Springs. Grassroots Republicans, dismayed that the National Committee would protect politicians who do not oppose partial-birth abortions, are moving state-by-state to deny them funding and support. (Omaha World-Herald, 4/19/98)

North Carolina - GOP
Chairman Sam Currin, a staunch pro-life conservative, strongly supports the Party platform and candidates who agree with its principles. Mr. Currin and North Carolina's National Committeeman Ferrell Blount stood among the 43 members of the Republican National Committee who voted for the Lambert resolution. It is of particular interest that the Republican Leadership Council (RLC) has recently surfaced in North Carolina, in the hope of attracting disaffected liberals. The RLC, chaired by Lewis Eisenberg, is a new name for the former Committee for Responsible Government, formed to raise money for Republican candidates who "support a woman's right to choose," and led by pro-abortion Governor Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey, who heads the effort to strip the pro-life plank from the Republican Parry platform. The theme of the new RLC is to raise money for the campaigns of "common sense" conservatives. Of course, for Whitman and Eisenberg, those of us who think an unborn baby should have the legal protection of his inherent right to life restored, lack "common sense."

Susan Mills, vice chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, has angered pro-life Republicans by aligning herself with the RLC and addressing their organizing convention. In the face of this liberal, pro-abortion-choice opposition, Chairman Sam Currin is working hard to maintain GOP control of the State House and gain control of the State Senate.

The Republican Leadership Council is a political tool of the liberal, pro-abortion northeastern establishment Republicans who use their huge financial clout to attempt to stifle efforts to restore respect and legal protection of the right to life in America. North Carolina Republicans -- Beware!

South Carolina - The 1600 delegates to the South Carolina State Convention unanimously passed the Lambert resolution, submitted by 6th Congressional District Chairman, Barbara Leonard, on May 16.

Hawaii - On Sunday, May 17, Hawaii's Republican Convention made history by adding two pro-life planks to the Republican Party Platform. With the support and encouragement of the Republican Caucus, the platform committee included support for parental consent for an abortion to be performed on a minor, and a ban on partial-birth abortions. "We're proud that the Hawaii Republican Party has shown the courage and moral leadership to stand up for life," stated Andy Blom, executive director of Hawaii Right to Life. "The pro-life movement is growing and dynamic - it is a voice that will be heard in this election." [ We extend our congratulations to Andy and all the pro-life Republican activists who worked so hard to finally break the stranglehold pro-abortion Republicans have had on the Aloha State Party.]

Georgia - On March 15, the policy-making State Committee of the Republican Party of Georgia over-whelmingly passed the Lambert Resolution to deny funding or support to Republican candidates who oppose banning partial-birth abortions. The measure is expected to affect at least two state legislators.

South Dakota - On July 1, a new law takes effect in South Dakota, shielding pharmacists who refuse to prescribe drugs for reasons of conscience. The law protects pharmacists from being sued or fired if they refuse to prescribe drugs used for abortion, suicide or euthanasia. Mrs. Judie Brown, in a news release issued on May 1, applauding the law, said the South Dakota conscience clause "allows pharmacists to practice their profession without fear of being reprimanded for standing by their moral convictions. This is a great step. Other states should follow South Dakota's example." Are pro-life pharmacists protected by a conscience clause in YOUR state?

Beware of Phony "Cloning Ban" Legislation
Pro-life activists in state capitols around the country should be aware that some bills that are represented as "cloning bans" are, in fact, no such thing. Before pro-life groups and individuals lend their support to a bill to ban cloning, it is absolutely essential that the wording be carefully checked to see whether it bans outright the creation of a human embryo through cloning techniques. Some bills would not ban the creation of a human embryo, but would instead, allow creation of embryos to be experimented upon and then killed prior to implantation, or possibly even implanted and killed prior to birth. An embryo is the tiniest of human beings and is entitled to legal protection. An embryo is a human subject with the right not to be experimented upon, frozen, tinkered with or killed. We support legislation that would ban the creation of human embryos through any means, for any purpose.

Politics '98

Kansas GOP Chairman
Opposes Pro-Abortion Governor

David Miller resigned as Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party on May 6 to run against pro-abortion Republican Governor Bill Graves in the August 4 Republican primary. Mr. Miller, a conservative pro-life leader, served in the Kansas House of Representatives from 1980 - 1990, having been reelected three times. In 1990 he was elected Chairman of the Kansas GOP. In 1996, as a Delegate to the Republican National Convention in San Diego, CA, Mr. Miller led his delegation in support of the pro-life platform plank. In 1998 he stood with 43 members of the Republican National Committee who voted for the Lambert resolution to deny Party funding to candidates who oppose banning partial-birth abortions. Pro-life leaders in Kansas credit David Miller with teaching them the political and organizational skills that have resulted in the tremendous growth of the pro-life movement in their state. David's challenge to the pro-abortion governor in the Republican primary is a refreshing and welcome opportunity for voters to decide at the polls whether they want a candidate who intends to implement the principles of the Republican Party Platform, or a status-quo politician who ignores them.

In his announcement speech, Mr. Miller listed many issues of concern to Kansans, but we were particularly heartened by these words: "I strongly believe in the principles for which my Party stands and I believe the people of Kansas want a governor who embraces those principles, not one who attacks or belittles them. I will not shy away from the issue of abortion. On this issue, I stand firmly on the platforms of both the Kansas Republican Party and the National Republican Party. Our platform says: 'The unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed.' As your governor I will work to change public opinion about this procedure, which has become a blight on our country and state." (David Miller for Governor, 716 Kansas Avenue, Topeka, KS 66603 Phone: 785/266-6751)

March/May Republican
Primaries Yield 100 % Pro-Life Winners

According to their responses to the RNC/Life Candidate Questionnaire. the following candidates who have won their primary races are pro-life without discrimination Arkansas - Fay W. Boozman, U.S. Senate and Phil Wyrick, CD-2; Illinois - Peter Fitzgerald, U.S. Senate and Brent Winters, CD-19; Indiana - Jean Leising, CD-9 and Gary Hofmeister, CD-10; Kentucky - Gex Williams, CD-4 and Ernie Fletcher, CD-6; Nebraska - Lee Terry, CD-2; Texas - Jim Lohmeyer, CD-4, Tom Cottar, CD-9, and Rudy Izzard, CD-17.

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Support Child Custody
Protection Act

If your pro-life Senators or Congressman are not yet co-sponsors of the Child Custody Protection Act (S. 1645/HR3682), they should sign on without delay. The bill, introduced in the Senate by Senator Spencer Abraham (R-MI), and in the House by Rep. Ileana RosLehtinen, would establish as a federal crime the transportation of a minor across state lines in order to circumvent a state's parental consent law. At least 22 states have laws currently in effect that require notification or consent by at least one parent or a judge before an abortion can be performed on a minor. Recently in Pennsylvania, an 18-year-old man committed statutory rape by impregnating a 12-year-old girl. Pennsylvania law requires the consent of one parent or a judge for an abortion to be performed on a girl aged 17 or under. In order to get around the law, the man's mother, Rosa Hartford, took the child across the state line to New York where the baby was aborted. The mother of the girl was not consulted, nor did she know that her daughter was pregnant, although she was legally responsible for the treatment of whatever physical, emotional or psychological complications resulted from the abortion. Please contact your pro-life Senators and Congressmen TODAY and ask them to co-sponsor the Child Custody Protection Act.

Title X and International
Population Control Are Top Priorities

This summer, debate will occur on the appropriation of funds for programs operating under the State Department. The Paul Amendment to the 1999 Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill, which would defund all international population control programs, will be re-introduced by Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX). In addition to promoting population control in third-world countries, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has been using taxpayer's money for forced sterilizations and abortions on women in refugee camps throughout the world. We urge support for the Paul Amendment.

Title X funding of Planned Parenthood and other abortion-related agencies is the engine driving the abortion market in the U.S., creating more social problems than any other tax-funded program. It appears we still do not have the votes in Congress to defund it. However, an amendment to the 1999 Labor/HHS/Education Appropriations Bill, requiring parental notification for the distribution of barrier contraceptives and/or contraceptive/abortion-causing drugs to minors by agencies funded by Title X, will be offered by Congressman Don Manzullo, (R-IL). The Manzullo Amendment also denies agencies funded through Title X exemption from state laws requiring reporting of child abuse, child molestation, sexual abuse, rape or incest. The Manzullo Amendment is essential to prevent the sexual exploitation of children by sexual predators, assisted by taxpayer-funded agencies. CAPITOL SWITCHBOARD - 202-224-3121. NOTE: Appropriations bills currently do not have numbers.

Texas GOP Hosts Gigantic Baby Shower

The Republican Party is the Pro-life Party! And the Republican Party of Texas is about to do something about it. The Texas State Convention, scheduled for June 12/13 in Ft. Worth, will hold a monumental baby shower to benefit Texas' crisis pregnancy centers. The Texas convention, the largest Republican state convention in the nation, will seat over 15,000 Delegates and Alternates, the vast majority of whom are enthusiastically pro-life. The brain child of Texas GOP chairman Susan Weddington, the Republican baby shower is expected to be extremely popular with attendees, who have been asked to bring everything from sleepers to pacifiers to diaper bags for the precious newborn babies whose mothers unselfishly choose life. This should be a real trend-setter. Let us know if your state Party plans something similar! And thanks to Susan Weddington for giving Republicans an opportunity to tangibly demonstrate their support for the babies and their mothers!

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