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A Publication of the Republican National Coalition for Life September/October 1998 - No. 24
Victorious Linda Smith
to Challenge Senator Patty Murray!

Pro-Life, Pro-Family Activists Rally for November Win
"Smith crushes Bayley" — "Senate race is history in the making" - "Smith beats Bayley by mile", "Smith whips Bayley to gain show- down with Murray" — these were some of the headlines in Seattle and around the country on September 16, the day after Congresswoman Linda Smith won the Republican Primary nomination for U.S. Senate in Washington state. Linda was vastly outspent by her principal opponent, Seattle businessman Chris Bayley, who used $1.1 million of his own money against her. A latecomer to the race, his ubiquitous flurry of press releases and taxes relentlessly attacked her. The Republican Party establishment all but endorsed her opponent, and National Right to Life Committee refused to support her despite her 100% pro-life stance, criticizing her support for campaign finance reform legislation. But, she won the election and, in the words of her campaign staff — "it was a blowout!"

Linda, who doesn't trust the pollsters and people who tell her she's going to lose, and who defeated her opponent by a 2-1 margin, will now face incumbent pro-abortion liberal feminist Senator Patty Murray, a Democrat who was elected in 1992.

Mrs. Smith, who is 49, a wife, mother and grandmother, began her political career as a pro-life grassroots activist who was first elected to the state House of Representatives in 1983. She is the author of two state initiatives and is the only woman in state history to win a write-in nomination for Congress. As a Congresswoman, Linda Smith has been a well-informed and passionate advocate for the right to life on the floor of the House.

As a leader in the effort to reform campaign finance laws, Linda declines financial support from political action committees and special interest groups, holds no fund-raisers in Washington, D.C., and will not accept help that's financed with unregulated "soft" money. Her victory is that much sweeter, knowing that her support came not from the usual big-money wheeler-dealers, but from "Linda's Army" — 35,000 families who signed on to help her raise money and volunteers.

In a race that will be the only woman-to-woman U.S. Senate race in the country this year and only the third in our nation's history, the Republican Party leadership is expected to support Linda Smith to the fullest extent in her campaign against Senator Murray. Total Republican primary votes added up to 49.87%, more than the combined Democrat votes of 48.55%, a clear sign that Linda Smith has an excellent chance of winning in November.

National and state pro-life groups and individuals have a huge stake in the election of Linda Smith to the U.S. Senate. She will be to the pro-life cause what Senators Murray, Boxer, Feinstein, Snowe, Collins and Mikulski are to the culture of death. For the first time, we will have a woman in the U.S. Senate who believes in the sanctity and legal protection of every innocent human life, born and unborn, and is willing to work hard to advance pro-life goals.

Linda can contacted at:
Linda Smith for U.S. Senate
P.O. Box 65117
Vancouver, WA 98665
Office: 9901 NE 7th Ave., B 236
Vancouver, WA 98685
Phone: 360/571-3606
Fax: 360/571-3609
We urge all of our supporters to do whatever you can, as individuals, to help Linda Smith win in November. "Linda's Army" must grow substantially larger if she is to raise the funds necessary to defeat the well-funded Murray. This race is likely to be the most watched Senate race in the country, and we want to Watch Linda Win!

Mondale Liberal Heads
Republican Leadership Council

Lewis Eisenberg, confidant and chief fund raiser for pro-abortion Governor of New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman, heads their newest effort to raise money for liberal, pro-abortion Republicans, the Republican Leadership Council (RLC). Mr. Eisenberg, who was appointed to the New York-New Jersey Port Authority by Gov. Whitman, was a liberal Democrat who contributed to extreme liberals like Walter Mondale for President, Bruce Babbitt for President, Senators Ron Wyden (OR), Christopher Dodd (CT), Joseph Biden (DE), former Senator Don Riegle (MI), and current Democrat House Minority Leader, Dick Gephardt. The Republican Leadership Council is a new name for the Committee for Responsible Government which was organized by Whitman and Eisenberg in 1992 to raise money for pro-abortion Republican candidates. They claim to represent "common sense" Republicans. Of course, they think that we, who want to see legal protection of the inherent right to life restored in this country, are lacking in common sense. The RLC has recruited a handful of pro-life Republican officials, like Governor John Engler of Michigan, so the group can present itself as "inclusive". Governor Whitman hosted a 1,000 per person fundraiser for Engler, who actively campaigned for her reelection last November, in Princeton on May 26. While the RLC claims to be "inclusive," its history is clear. The Republican Leadership Council is a tool of the pro-abortion, liberal northeastern Republican establishment that is trying to run the GOP.
Beware if the RLC surfaces in your state.

More State Parties Adopt
Lambert Resolution

The following resolution was adopted by the Alabama Republican State Central Committee on July 18, 1998: "BE IT RESOLVED BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF ALABAMA, that the Republican Party of Alabama and the Republican National Committee shall not support financially or by in-kind contributions any candidate or nominee of this party who opposes measures, or advocates weakening Alabama law, to end so-called partial-birth abortions." It is now the official policy of the Alabama GOP

On Saturday, August 1, 72% of the delegates to the Oregon Republican State Convention voted to adopt the Lambert Resolution. The resolution, which is gaining support from state parties across the country, requires that party funds and in-kind contributions be denied to candidates who run as Republicans if they oppose banning the heinous partial-birth abortion technique. Our thanks to Phil Tussing who offered the resolution and stood strong. He won against tremendous pressure from the establishment wing of the Oregon GOP.

Pro-Life State Watch
New Jersey RTL Stops Additional Funding of Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood's request for an additional $3.6 million in tax-payer dollars in the FY 1999 state budget was rejected by the New Jersey legislature, largely because of well organized efforts by the independent organization, New Jersey Right to Life. Marie Tasy, director of public and legislative affairs issued a news release on July 1 in which she said: "Through extensive radio ads, legislative mailings, meetings with key legislators and our improved ability to access, activate and mobilize our networks and chapters, NJRTL played a critical leadership role in this victory for the taxpayer."

Michigan Makes Assisted Suicide Illegal - Life Advocacy Briefing, 7/6/98, reports that Michigan lawmakers on July 2 approved a ban on abetted suicide, seeking to restrain the state's most notorious resident, Jack Kevorkian, from his lethal habit. Pledging to sign the bill, which will take effect Sept. 1, Governor John Engler told Associated Press writer Greta Guest: "The measure ought to put Jack Kevorkian out of business and end that sorry spectacle that's been playing out these many years." Penalties include imprisonment up to five years and fines up to $10,000.

South Carolina - The Hippocratic Oath that USC medical grads take purposely leaves out the parts about "neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked ... [nor] give to a woman an abortive remedy." One honor society member says "we take the oath so seriously that we don't want to swear to something we don't feel comfortable upholding." (communiqué, June 12, 1998)

Pro-Life Teachers Take On The NEA

Teachers Saving Children, Inc. issued a press release on July 10 which included the following information. "Pro-life educators at the July 1-6 National Education Association Representative Assembly (NEA-RA) in New Orleans, Louisiana, voiced objection to the NEA's liberal abortion position, not once but five times. Teachers from Ohio, Illinois, New York, and Oklahoma, challenged the NEA to reveal their abortion support. In a general business session, a pro-life Ohio delegate asked at what point the NEA withholds its support of a woman's decision to abort, commenting "It is unreasonable for our teachers' union to stand for a practice that takes the lives of children, our clientele, before birth." The delegate received a "no limits" response. Another delegate asked if unanesthetized second and third trimester salt poisoning and brain suction abortions were included in NEA's stand against mutilation and suffering in its Human Rights Resolution, but was not permitted to finish her question. "The pro-abortion position of the NEA is an issue that pro-life educators say they will not let go until it is settled," said Connie Bancroft, Executive Director of Teachers Saving Children. Connie can be reached at 330/537-2546.

Will Congress Move to Stop
Human Cloning Experiments?

Twin calves born Sunday, July 5 in Tokyo were the first calves ever cloned from the cells of an adult cow. The calves were produced by a technique similar to the one used to create Dolly the sheep in Scotland. On Feb. 16 of this year, U.S. scientists cloned a Holstein calf named Gene using a different technique that employed cells derived from a 30-day-old cow fetus. Cloning expert Robert H. Foote, a professor of animal physiology at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., said the latest success has "substantial significance.." "I suppose you could say that if you can clone sheep and cattle from an adult, then the probability of cloning an adult human being is less remote." (The Dallas Morning News, 7/6/98)

While the scientists race ahead, legislation banning human cloning experiments languishes in Congress. The pharmaceutical industry, which reportedly spent $59.7 million to lobby Congress in 1997, has worked overtime to defeat the ban, clouding the issue with false claims that banning the cloning of humans would somehow retard scientific advances in other areas.

However, the real issue at hand is that of the inherent right to life of the human being from fertilization. In addressing a ban on experiments in cloning human beings, Members of Congress have opened the door to the reality that the human embryo deserves legal protection, as a human subject, from being experimented upon and/or killed. They have started to realize the implications this would have for human embryos who are produced in in-vitro fertilization clinics, and are either implanted, frozen or killed. Those tiny humans deserve protection as well. The door is currently standing ajar. Will Congress, fearing the truth, close it altogether, allowing unbridled science to have its way? Or will they act courageously to protect all innocent human beings, no matter how tiny, from inhumane treatment, experimentation, and death?
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