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A Publication of the Republican National Coalition for Life May/June - No. 34
The Vice Presidency: Does It Matter?

Vice President "In case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President." The Constitution of the United States of America, Amendment XXV.

A persistent rumor is circulating in Washington among people in high places that George W. Bush, presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party, is seriously considering naming pro-abortion Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge as his running mate.

Sources on Capitol Hill are reportedly shocked and surprised at the lack of outcry on the part of national pro-life leaders over the suggestion that Ridge may be Bush's pick. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, while recognizing that Ridge would cause problems for Bush, have said they would support the ticket even if Ridge were on it. After comments like that, it's no wonder that many political observers have the impression that a pro-abortion running mate like Ridge would be accepted by the pro-life wing of the GOP.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. It appears there is a substantial disconnect between grassroots pro-life voters and the leaders of Washington-based organizations who claim to represent us. It is a similar disconnect to that which exists between average Americans and the people who represent us in Congress.

It is true that most pro-life Republicans want to see George W. Bush defeat Al Gore in November. What we do not want is a Republican ticket that would place a man who has so little respect for innocent human life a heartbeat away from the White House. We do not want a person with Ridge's anti-life record to hold the second-highest office in the land. We do not want such a person representing our country to other nations.

What we want is a Republican administration that will dismantle the Clinton/Gore pro-abortion agenda with a President and Vice President who are truly committed to doing so.

Yes, the Vice Presidency matters! It matters because the United States Constitution says it does. The Vice President could, at any time, be called upon to assume the highest office in America and become the leader of the free world. A Republican ticket with Ridge or anyone who shares his views as the vice presidential nominee would tie the hands of millions of pro-life voters who would, in conscience, be deprived of the opportunity to vote for George W. Bush. Pro-lifers represent a significant percentage of the vote - at least enough to swing a close election. George W. Bush cannot afford to risk alienating even a small portion of his base, let alone the pro-life people who are mainly responsible for the unprecedented growth of the Republican Party over the last twenty years.

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Please contact the Bush campaign and express your opinion about the choice of a running mate. There are many Republicans who are at least as pro-life as George Bush who should be considered. Governors John Engler of Michigan and Frank Keating of Oklahoma, and Senators George Voinovich of Ohio, Don Nickles of Oklahoma, Connie Mack of Florida, John Ashcroft of Missouri, Spencer Abraham of Michigan, are just a few.

Are you a member of other pro-life, pro-family organizations? Have their leaders spoken out against supporting a Republican ticket with a pro-abortion candidate on it? Please contact them right away and ask them to take a stand for life!

Why Tom Ridge Is Unacceptable For Vice President 
By Mary Lou Gartner

If a pro-life presidential candidate picks a pro-abortion vice-president as his running mate, how then can he be trusted or depended upon to pick pro-life justices to the federal judiciary and to the Supreme Court?

The Record 
Tom Ridge's pro-abortion voting record while a Congressman from the 21st district in Erie, Pennsylvania included the following:

  • He voted for tax money to allow military families to receive abortions at overseas military facilities; for tax money to fund private organizations like Planned Parenthood to promote abortions in foreign countries; for tax money to fund research on aborted babies; for funding abortion counseling and referrals in Title X family planning clinics and against an amendment to require that parents be informed when their minor child is seeking an abortion; for funding abortions in the District of Columbia; for funding of Legal Services to engage in abortion litigation or lobbying; and for the Freedom of Access to Clinics Entrances Act that harshly punishes pro-life protesters, even peaceful demonstrators.

  • When Tom Ridge became the Governor of Pennsylvania, his first budget included funds for Planned Parenthood. This funding had been removed under former Governor Bob Casey. Each year since, Ridge has increased the amount that the abortion providers and advocates receive. The Family Health Council and Planned Parenthood use this money to promote sexual promiscuity by supplying contraceptives to teens without parental notification. Under Governor Ridge the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare was caught lying about using state monies and personnel to mail a Planned Parenthood brochure to all the welfare families. Despite repeated calls for an investigation of this blatant misappropriation of funds and the resulting cover-up, none has taken place. The Abortion Control Act has not been enforced because of Ridge appointments.

    It came to light that, within walking distance of Penn State University, an abortion clinic was about to open. The owner was Dr. Stephen Brigham who had lost his medical license in several states, including Pennsylvania. The clinic's opening was fought on many fronts. Large marches were held by local students and residents. The landlord claimed he had been deceived and fought it in court. The local hospital refused to sign a written transfer agreement with the clinic, as required by the PA Abortion Control Act. This should have been enough to stop it. However, Ridge's Health Department waived this requirement, and the abortion mill was allowed to open. Last figures indicate they are now killing 200 babies a month. Tom Ridge does not just tolerate abortion; he actively supports it!

Editor's Note: A column by John J. Miller, "The Trouble with Ridge" published in the June 5 issue of National Review, reports that in 1984 when a group of pro-lifers visited his congressional office Ridge asked them starkly, "Does the government have a right to force a woman to be an incubator for nine months for another individual?"

A Catholic Not In Good Standing 
•   Tom Ridge is Roman Catholic, yet the U.S. Catholic Bishops have stated clearly that one cannot be a Catholic and support abortion. No Catholic can responsibly take a pro-choice stand when the choice in question involves the taking of innocent life. Bishop John Myers stated, "It defies right reason for anyone to promote abortion, euthanasia, suicide or assisted suicide. Certainly, it is important to recall that Catholics who endorse such legislation or who back politicians who do so are being radically inconsistent with their faith. Not only are they harming our society, but also they are harming their own faith. It is imperative that they change. We must invite them to choose life and to defend life."

Most Reverend Donald Trautman, Bishop of Ridge's hometown of Erie, has forbidden Governor Ridge to appear at Catholic events in his diocese because of his pro-abortion voting record and actions as Governor. Tom Ridge has said he doesn't see a problem with being pro-choice and Catholic. He has publicly disagreed with his own church on matters of abortion. He said, "Personally it troubles me that I am at odds with them."

Ridge Wants The Pro-Life Plank Out 
Tim Reeves, the Governor's spokesman has said, "Governor Ridge supports keeping abortions legal." Tom Ridge has repeatedly urged Republicans to drop the pro-life plank from the Party Platform.

Abortion - A Modern-Day Genocide 
•   Much has been written about the Nazi Holocaust. Questions have been raised as to whether Nazi racial theories could have been enacted into law without the complicity of Christians. It is true that some Christians offered heroic and courageous resistance to the Nazis, but some did nothing and others did not do enough. The Holocaust could not have occurred without first the dehumanizing of a class of human beings.

Those who supported slavery did it to the black people, the Nazis did it to the Jews, and abortionists are doing it to our children. Hitler was a popular politician. He gave the German people a good economy, and many turned their heads while he murdered; they weren't "single issue" people.

Respect Life - And Win 
•   The Republican Party was born on the principle that no human being should be considered the property of another, and on a repudiation of the Dred Scott decision by the U.S. Supreme Court which had ruled otherwise. Abortion is the "right-or-wrong" issue of our times. We should parallel the words of Abraham Lincoln today and say: "The Republican Party looks upon abortion as a wrong and the Democratic Party does not look upon it as a wrong. That's the crucial difference between the two parties."

In this new millennium, may we elect a pro-life team to the White House! And that does not include Tom Ridge.

The above article was produced and distributed by LIFEPAC of Pennsylvania For information and full documentation, Phone: 412-793-0807

Michigan - GOP Endorses 1996 National Pro-Life Plank The following resolution was passed by a 4-1 margin at the state convention of the Republican Party of Michigan held May 12-13: "Resolved, that the Michigan Republican State Committee shall support the continuation of the pro-life plank in the RNC platform at the National Convention."

South Carolina - Delegates to the South Carolina state Republican convention adopted a wonderful pro-life resolution which re-states the national Platform's principles that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed and supports a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution, Fourteenth Amendment protection for unborn children, and the reversal of Roe v. Wade. RNC/Life board member Barbara Leonard proposed additional wording which calls upon our national leaders to ban partial birth abortion, ban fetal tissue research and transplant experiments using the victims of induced abortions, ban using embryonic babies in stem cell research in which they are killed, and ban public and private efforts to "create" a human being via cloning as well as federal funding of such research. Mrs. Leonard's amendments were adopted.

For a copy of the South Carolina pro-life platform plank, contact Barbara Leonard at E-Mail: [email protected]

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